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  • Published September 15, 2017
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Whether it is your favorite pair of knee-high or ankle boots, there are tons of reason why boots will always have a special place in everyone’s hearts. Aside from the fact that it is undeniably comfortable, a great pair of boots will help provide ample amount of warmth for your legs whether it is for a chilly night out or simply because it is another season of winter. Boots will be here to stay and with the abundance of boots in online boutiques for plus size, it would be hard not to imagine how you are going to slay walking with a pair of those.

boots + denim skirt

Pairing boots with denim skirt no matter what length it has, will always be a crowd favorite. It is almost reminiscent of the 90’s era where you can just go out of the house and pick the laziest-looking plain white shirt, your favorite denim skirt plus your trusty boots and you are definitely good to go.

Tight leggings + boots

A pair of tight leggings plus a pair of knee-high or ankle boots mirrors the 2009-2011 era wherein Tumblr-inspired fashion was all the craze that people did not even realize the very same fashion sense they were sporting came from an internet culture. There is also a reason why this pairing lives up until now, it is because it is foolproof and it is a classic, thus, can never go wrong. Just pick your favorite pair of boots from any available boutiques for plus size to start of with that!

Acid-washed jeans with a folded-up hem + ankle boots

Opting for that laidback kind of feels? Grab your trusty acid-washed jeans you bought at the flea market or the simple hand-me-down you got from your mom in the 80’s and it should be great enough to be paired with your ankled boots. Show a bit of your ankles for that rugged feel and for the topwear, you can just match it with a basic plaid shirt or a plain white t-shirt.

Knee high boots + mini skirt

Get that gogo dancer feel by matching your knee-high boots with any mini skirt of your choice or you can do it simply because you want to evoke that Twiggy vibe from the 60’s wherein the mini skirt blew up the fashion world. In this way, you will be able to show off your wonderful stems.

Sun dress + ankle boots

If there are two things you can always find at online boutiques plus size, it would be sun dresses and pairs of ankle boots. Why? Because although they exude different vibes since the sun dress is girly and the ankle boots are more laidback, if you mix and match both, they actually work together.

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