A Brief Primer on Public Liability Insurance


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  • Published October 2, 2017
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On the subject of liability insurance, Australia based business managers can encounter a lot of incorrect information. This is a complex subject, and expert advice is required to ensure that you have adequate coverage for your business. Let’s take a look at this subject and some of the more common applications.

Public Liability Insurance Basics:

Public liability insurance is necessary to cover you and your business for damage or losses that a third party claims to have suffered as a result of your business operations. Essentially, you have protection against legal and court costs, if someone sustains an injury or has their property damaged, while your company is providing them a service. This covers incidents that may occur on your business premises and at any events that are conducted at external locations. This kind of insurance only covers claims made by external parties and not claims that are made by employers. For coverage regarding employees, employers liability insurance will be required.

Are Products Also Covered?

Typically, any products that you sell to the public will be covered by your public liability insurance. This will cover you and your company for claims that are made regarding injuries or damage that arise from the failure of goods that have been sold or supplied by your company.

Is This Kind of Insurance Really Necessary?

In a word, yes, in most lines of work there is always a chance that something unexpected could happen. Whenever there is a problem relating to you and your business, you could be held liable. A public liability claim can be very costly, and even if your company is blameless, the legal costs can be crippling. A business that generates revenue needs a good public liability policy to give you protection and peace of mind.

What Does a Public Liability Policy Cover?

A good public liability insurance policy will cover both your company and any subsidiary businesses. It will cover your staff, including directors, partners, principals, and employees, whilst they are acting for the company within the scope of their assigned duties.

Can Public Liability Insurance Cover a Special Event?

Insurance of this nature will usually cover any external events that are within the scope of your normal business operations. This would typically, include trade shows, corporate events, and demonstrations. If you have any doubts about your event, contact your insurance broker to confirm that you’re covered.

If they need public liability insurance, Perth business managers should contact us here at GSK Insurance. We provide a wide selection of insurance services, including liability insurance cover for our clients. The level of liability cover that you need will vary a great deal, depending upon the kind of business that you run. Our advisors are available to discuss your insurance needs in greater detail and to answer any other questions or queries that you have.

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