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  • Published August 28, 2017
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Whether you're in your home or at the office, it's important that the temperature is both comfortable and pleasant. During the summer, that temperature is cool. Though it's only spring, now is an ideal time to ensure that your air conditioner is ready to perform during the hot summer months. Many air conditioners will require the work of a service technician. Waiting until the summer to schedule one to repair your unit can be inconvenient as their workload increases with the temperature.

You can tell if your air conditioner needs repairs if, when it's running, there is a lack of cold air or low air flow. Other common signs include unusual sounds and smells. If you experience any of these, contact a heating and cooling specialist. Diagnosis and cost estimates are typically free, and they can determine the exact causes of the problem.

If you aren't experiencing problems with your AC unit, there are a few things that can be done to keep it that way. Regular cleaning of the unit and replacement of its air filters are simple ways to prevent and spot potential problems. Before cleaning your unit, be sure that it is turned off and the power is disconnected. Once that's done, dislodging any debris and a simple rinse with a hose is often all that's needed.

Even a clean and working air conditioner can still benefit from an inspection by a trained service technician. Experienced technicians can service a variety of air conditioning systems beyond repairing malfunctioning units. Often, a unit that performs well can be made to perform better. Technicians can inspect your air conditioner and fine tune it. Enhanced performance will decrease energy usage and increase airflow, optimizing the comfort it provides.

With your air conditioner ready to go, take full advantage of it by closing any external windows or doors while it's running. Drawing curtains and blinds keeps the sun out and rooms cool; this is an easy way to lower air conditioner usage. Another simple but effective way to maximize your AC's performance is to adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature and then leaving it alone. It's common to lower the thermostat to cool the room or building faster, this, in fact, does not help.

It doesn't matter if you live in a climate that is hot year-round or just three months. During those hot days, a functional air conditioner makes all the difference in keeping you cool.

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