What Are Some of the Recent Trends in Home Automation?

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  • Published August 28, 2017
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When it comes to purchasing a home, homeowners everywhere are in search of the latest looks, designs, and trends. In this day and age, you can purchase homes with about any technological upgrades. Those upgrades can be controlled with just one finger. Here’s how.

With a smart home, you can now control:

Appliances: There are now appliances that can easily be accessed straight from our phones. You can start preheating an oven from the other room, without having to do so physically. This is also a great feature if you are on your way to work and suddenly start to question if you turned off your coffee maker. Now, you can just simply check it on your mobile phone.

Locks: Installing an advanced automated lock will give you a sense of peace knowing that you can lock your doors or unlock them at any given times. This works perfectly for family members that show up unannounced who need let in or if you were on the run and simply forgot to lock your back door.

Lighting: If you work late into the night, it may be a good idea to have automated lights. You can have the lights shine directly on the porch, living room, etc. before you arrive. This will allow you to get into your home faster and safer.

Thermostate: Say you go on vacation and decide that you want to save money and turn the air off or up. This is a smart choice, but it can also leave you returning to a home that is musky and hot. Well, stress no more. You can now control all the temperatures in your home right from your phone, while in Hawaii.

Alarm Systems: We have all been there where the alarm systems goes off because your teenage child forgot to turn off the alarm before trying to enter or leave. Now, you can make sure of who enters and leaves your home by providing an alarm system and cameras that are all connected.

Other functionality of home automation:





How does home automation work?

Home automation works with a device that is internet-enabled. Many manufacturers have produced a wide variety of devices that do just that. The only problem being that the devices are not all connected to a complete home automation system, which means that each device has a different control scheme. Luckily, home security companies will focus on the most critical and useful parts of a home like the locks, windows, environmental devices, and alarm systems. This will allow all of those to be apart of one automated system, leaving your home safe and secure from burglars.

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