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  • Published August 31, 2017
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When it comes to your home, flooring is one of the most critical components. Floors are subject to far more than being walked on. Heavy and hard furniture and appliances are placed on floors. Floors are also subject to having food and drinks spilled on them and pets playing on them. In addition to all the functions floors serve, they play a significant role in design. The right flooring brings a room together in a way that no other element can. With the importance of flooring, it’s necessary to choose the right floors for your home.

When deciding on flooring for your home, you should consider two things, functionality and design. Before you decide on a floor, you need to know if it can stand up to your daily life as well as fit your style. With the hundreds of available flooring options, picking the right one can seem a daunting task. One revolutionary flooring option, wood plastic composite (WPC) has become quite popular among home owners.

Though the "w" stands for wood, WPC floors rarely if ever contain wood. Instead, WPC products are considered to be a high-end vinyl floor. Four layers comprise WPC flooring; each made from a unique blend of plastics and polymers. The layers contribute a unique property to WPC, the combination of which has given WPC its reputation.

The core layer of WPC flooring gives it its most notable property; it’s 100% waterproof. WPC floorings neither contract nor expand when liquids are spilled on them. Unlike real hardwood and laminate, WPC floors are stain resistant against products like red wine.

Above the core is the wear layer which makes up the durability of WPC floors. Highly resistant to dents and scratches, WPC flooring is made to take a beating and come out unscathed. On the surface, the printed vinyl layer gives WPC floors their quality finishes that look identical to real hardwoods and stones. The final layer of WPC flooring is the backing which holds it all together.

High durability, waterproof properties, and longevity have made WPC flooring a leader in the industry. The quality finishes of WPC give the look and feel of real hardwood and stone floors while being much easier to take care of. With the large selection of WPC floors, you’re guaranteed to find an option that both looks and works perfectly for your home.

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