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  • Published October 25, 2017
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What would your reaction be when you see that dirty and stinky toilet water is rising all the way up and cascading to your bathroom floor not a good side at all, gross what you say. Everyone has faced such problems; surely you’ll be getting an idea about how to prevent yourselves from plumbing nightmares, but the question is "what if the situation is worse"? Like it's obvious if the case is worse than, you can ask for emergency plumbing or seek the help of the locality plumbers.

I recently was with my friend Katy traveling all the way from Seattle to Dallas we were so tired but the night had just started, entering to her house we went to the kitchen and what we saw was terrible, we were confused to see the brackish water was leaking through the ceiling.

Yikes! This kind of situation is horrible to face especially when you have someone at your place. It’s natural enough because some or the other way you, we all had experienced it and if not well that’s good but don’t you think it would be worth to be more cautious enough as the quote says- "Prevention is better than cure". What would you do if you were to face such a situation; simple call out for emergency plumbing?

So after this what I can suggest is that you can use these steps and prevent plumbing nightmares:

• 5 Easy DIY steps to prevent you from your ‘Plumbing Nightmares’:

  1. Always be prepared:

You never know what the future holds; nobody knows especially when it comes to plumbing services. Well, I personally have used these steps to overcome the bad and terrible outcomes holding in future. First of all, you should always try to keep your belongings in the basement of the house as it will be safe, suppose there is a pipe burst or something your belongings won’t be damaged.

Preparedness is you should have a proper maintenance check about your water sinks, faucets, etc clean it regularly and see if there’s any change or any water rising from it. Because it might happen after a certain period of time it might lead to corrosion.

You can always stock up some plumbing tools for emergency like

• Screwdriver set

• Drain cleaning tool

• Plunger

• Crescent wrench

• Nut-driver

  1. Try to eliminate the blockage (clogs):

Clogging problems occur often and it is very annoying as the whole dirty water rises up with a stinky smell. One should not avoid clogs if they occur more often, there are some ways you can avoid clogging all by yourself without any help of a plumber.

First, would be used plungers, these tools are effective to get rid of clogs, it might happen that if you force the clog too much you the plunger might get stuck which is often experienced. Other than plungers, there are drains’ cleaning tools which are specially designed to remove clogs. I would suggest before you take up any job with those tools always read the manufacturer's directions thoroughly.

  1. Piping:

The main cause for pipe burst is because of corrosion or age. It is messy and very frustrating but there are ways you can fix it if the case is not that worse. Like first see where exactly the pipe is been damaged.

• Open the faucet which is at end of the pipe and close the valve that runs into it.

• Check for holes, cracks or breaks along the pipe.

• If there is a pinhole, you can use duct-tapes and cover it with some plumber putty.

  1. Fix a leaking toilet:

Often we see that water leaks through the base of the toilet may be the wax has shifted which is now allowing water to seep. You can fix this problem by twisting back the toilet position. And if you still feel there is no change the water still is leaking then you may need to replace the wax ring.

  1. Faucets:

Leaks in faucets, well the first thing you need to do is determine from which faucet is the leak occurring. Likewise, turn off the water and shut- off the valve located under your sink. Then the second thing drains out the water from the faucet which was opened and then closes the stopper in the sink bowl, you can place a rough cloth to protect your sink from scratches or any corrosions. And if still doesn’t seem to change the situation then it’s time you call an emergency plumber.

Life can turn out at any point of time, so does your plumbing problems can arise at any point of time, here is Public Service Plumbers who provide emergency plumbing 24/7 in Dallas and area, you can simply call on 214-363-4477 for your plumbing problems.

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