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  • Author Mark Holli
  • Published October 18, 2017
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Given the rising number of apartments in Brisbane, there is an increase in the amount of homes and properties that require a form of maintenance, repair, clean up and renovation. To help in home repairs and maintenance services, a reliable and reputable handyman is required to help solve maintenance issues and repair works.

Known for their skill and expertise, a handyperson is equipped to tackle issues like fixing a broken window, mending a leaky pipe and assembling a new piece of furniture, just to mention a few.

But with the given rise of handy-person services in Brisbane, one has to be careful on which service should be hired because not everyone is capable of delivery of quality job that is cost effective and fast.

The question on your mind right now is "how then do I know the right service to hire?" and in answering that question, we've identified a few characteristics to look out for before hiring someone service in Brisbane.


Experience doesn't only tell you a person is capable of handling a particular job, it tells you also that he has been doing the job for a long while. That's the sort of contractor you should be hiring and not someone who is inexperienced and would probably do more harm than good. Before hiring a someone, check out how long the service has been in business.


We all want a service that works efficiently within budgets without allowing any dip in the quality of delivery. Look out for a service provider that is reputable for giving very good job irrespective of the budget at hand. This shows that such reputable handyman does not compromise on quality irrespective of the size of the budget at hand.


Part of the reasons why you would hire a handyperson service is because of the quality service they will provide. Before hiring any service, check out his past works and ask around about his work ethic just so you are sure that you are hiring a person that will give you quality service and not some quack that would do a lazy man’s job.


Before choosing a service for your business, ask if the person has an insurance cover. An insurance cover provides protection if during the course of carrying out his job, the damages your property or gets injured in the process. You don’t want a situation when your property is damaged and the person goes scot-free without paying for damages.

With the hints mentioned above, getting a proficient handyman is no longer a difficult task. So, when next you want a service, look out for these qualities and you are guaranteed of getting the perfect contractor for your home repairs and maintenance needs.

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