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  • Published October 15, 2017
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Whether you’re a car technician or just a hobbyist, you know most problems with a car starts with the engine. It can be anything, from oil leaks to faulty components or worse. In many cases, removing the engine out of the car is the most productive way to do repairs. However, it can be such a time waster. Lots of times you’ll do a repair and reinstall the engine, only to realize there’s more problems and take it back out again.

That’s where an Easy-Run engine test stand comes in.

Home of the Number One Universal Engine Test Stand

Easy-Run has three models to choose from, all capable of housing any foreign or domestic engine block. That means no matter what car you bring into your garage for work, you know you have an engine test stand ready for use.

Our number one stand is the Professional Series Engine Test Stand. Here’s what makes it so unique:

Two frame sizes – 54" & 66"

Simple design allows for great ground clearance

Able to load engine & transmissions

Quick assembly, easily storable

Supports engines up to 1000hp

Powder coated for durability

The Easy-Run Professional Series model has many features that are sure to make your engine repairs a lot smoother and faster. All parts are adjustable and have freedom to go wherever needed on the engine test stand. The stand has everything you need, yet still was designed with simplicity, storability, and safety in mind.

Lastly, the Professional Series comes with a 4-port radiator system, fuel tank, complete dash panel and accessory kit.

A User’s Experience with the Engine Test Stand

Already there have been many people who have taken advantage of our Easy-Run engine test stands. Paul from Corona, CA has this to say about our Easy-Run Engine Test Stand.

"One day I came home and sitting in the driveway was a used F-150 my brother had bought hours earlier. The price for the truck was super cheap, but it didn’t come running. It was in dire need of an engine repair.

My grandfather - who for over 3 decades worked as a taxi driver and did maintenance on his own car - came down to look at the truck. On the first day he went into the garage and hours later came inside covered in grime and oil. He had climbed inside the cab of the truck to do engine repairs inside. This was backbreaking work for a man his age, so I told him to hold off on the repairs.

I found Easy-Run online, they were the first to show up for engine test stands. Reading up on what the engine test stand was and its benefits, I decided upon the Professional Series. It took only a couple of days before UPS came with the engine test stand in a box. With quick assembly, we put together the stand and as a family we unhooked the engine, brought it out and mounted it on the Easy-Run engine test stand.

Honestly, my grandfather wishes he had one of these growing up. The Easy-Run engine test stand is truly capable of everything it says it does, and really speeds up repair time and testing it before it even goes back in. Within a day of taking out the engine, it was ready to go back in. The look on my brother’s face as he saw his new F-150 come to life made this well worth it.

I have an extensive family, and many of us have cars that need work under the hood. Fortunately, our Easy-Run engine test stand will make life a whole lot easier for my grandfather, who now has a backorder of family jobs to do."

Get Your Easy-Run Engine Test Stand Today

The lives of shop owners, garages, and hobbyists just got a lot easier with the Easy-Run engine test stands. To get yours today, check out our catalog! From now until October 31st, 2017 - when you purchase a Professional Series or Shop Series engine run stand, you’ll receive FREE 8" casters, throttle control and transmission kit upgrade. That’s a $231.85 value!

For more information about our engine test stands, contact us online or give us a call at (800) 780-0634.

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