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  • Published November 17, 2017
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Although there are many different types of accessories available in the market, nothing beats the glamorous looks of leather accessories. Leather has been in fashion since ages. You can always impress your colleagues, friends or your girlfriend if you have leather accessories for the occasion in your wardrobe. Wearing them will instantly make you look rich and empowered.

Leather belts, boots, jackets etc. increases the style quotient of the user immediately. They make that classic statement piece that will remain immortal in your wardrobe. As they are used since ages, I decided why not to do a bit of research on how they were made before.

In ancient period people used to hunt wild animals for food, clothing and to make different daily needed equipment from their hides. They then started making leathers from their skin to protect themselves from the elements. "Tanning of the leather" was invented by certain ancient geeks, with the help of some tree barks and leaves to preserve it from decomposing. The another process was discovered by accident, which was smoking and which later became formaldehyde tanning, as this substance is found in the vapors produced by burning of green leaves and branches. It was also discovered that the rotting process could be unhurried by drying, carried out to exposure to the sun or by dehydrating action of the salt. And many other more efficient tanning processes were discovered and refined gradually which made the use of leather possible in those ancient worlds and continued to do so for century after century till the present day. Buy men leather clothing online.

The leather making process has become more advanced nowadays. It starts with the raw hides arriving in the tannery preserved in salt. Later a thorough examination is done to see whether the skins are adequately kept or not. The processing begins with the removal of salt. Skins are then loaded in the wooden vessel and rinsed in running water for approximately 24 hrs. This is done to bring back the skin to its original condition. Then lime and acid treatments are done to remove the hair from the skin. Almost 24 hours later, the skins are again washed and sent further for next stage. Fleshing is done on the skin, where the hides are passed between two rollers which remove the excessive fats and flesh from the skin. Later splitting process is carried out where the skins are inserted through a machine equipped with two cylinders in between which a sharp running blade is kept constantly sharp. The skins are horizontally split to a predetermined thickness evenly throughout the surface. The top layer also called Top Grain is then ready for tanning. One can always buy leather accessories online for women. As said before, tanning is the most important process in the leather making. There are various tanning process available nowadays, from which few are done on the hides. Then the leather hides are run through a machine which presses the water out of the hides to predetermined degree of moisture, making it ready for splitting again. Later the same process of splitting is carried out once again which is then followed by shaving and trimming, where the extra unnecessary parts of the leather are trimmed and it is shaved to uniform thickness by various machines.

Dyeing is carried out later to color the leather with the help of large wooden tanks which are filled with water, resins, fats and various color dyes. The colored leather is then ready to be dried. The colored leather is then ready to be transformed into various beautiful accessories which were, which are and which will always be an important part of the fashion industry. Leather products are widely available around the world, they are the trend setters. One can buy leather products online in India as well as across the stores.

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