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  • Published January 8, 2018
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Designed with exceptional ease of use in mind, NanoCAD provides all the tools you need to create professional drawings and diagrams. It is a completely free alternative to the much more complicated computer aided design tools. Whether you want to create engineering blueprints, electrical schematics or architectural plans, NanoCAD has you covered with full native support for the industry-standard DWG format.

What's new in NanoCAD Plus 8?

The latest edition of NanoCAD Plus provides a new level of design capabilities. The new dynamic input feature allows designers to enjoy complete control over the fine-tuning of their projects by accessing a command line interface where the mouse pointer is. This tool is suitable for use whether you're editing existing objects or creating new ones.

NanoCAD Plus is designed to work for you. To that end, it offers a fully customizable user interface combined with overhauled tool palettes for quick and easy access to your favorite scripts, blocks, commands and other features. In fact, you can customize just about everything. You can even create your own look and feel for the entire program by selecting different color settings and themes.

Aside from the enhancements to the user interface, the new version also provides many bug fixes and other minor improvements that translate into better performance. With included support for the OpenGL API, NanoCAD Plus also offers perfect compatibility with all consumer- and professional-grade graphics cards.

Seamless Compatibility

Whereas many programs only have their own proprietary file formats, NanoCAD supports the industry-standard DWG format, which is used by most of the mainstream CAN suites. This means you can open and edit drawings created in the popular AutoCAD and other similar programs. In fact, the program even supports DWG files as old as 23 years as well as all the latest versions of the format. Further allowing NanoCAD plus to compete with the mainstream CAN platforms, it provides many useful features, such as hybrid raster and vector editing tools. Other useful tools included built-in spreadsheet editor, notepad and calculator.

Outstanding Support and Updates

NanoCAD Plus is designed to bring computer aided design to everyone. Instead of coming with high upfront and recurring costs, you can try the software for free. Whether you use the program as part of your livelihood, or as an enthusiast designer, you need to know that you can count on updates and customer support. That's why all subscribers can enjoy free access to all updates and prompt customer service. You can also choose from a variety of licenses, including either a standalone workstation license or a floating network license that you can use anywhere.

If you're looking for a CAD package that provides an instantly familiar interface combined with native DWG support and a comprehensive set of commands, then look no further than NanoCAD Plus. Try the program for free today by visiting its official website today. You won't be disappointed! If you enjoy using the program, you can easily upgrade to an all-inclusive subscription program for as little as $180 per year. This includes all updates and ongoing customer support.

Nick Giles is a graphic designed and illustrator who regularly uses vector graphics and computer aided design suites.

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