Should Your Business Switch To VoIP?

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  • Published January 28, 2018
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Despite how technologically advanced today’s world is, many businesses are still using landline phone systems of the past. Every day, offices are reliant on the Internet and high-speed data, so naturally, it makes sense to install a business VoIP system. By implementing VoIP in any office setting, businesses will immediately experience immense benefits while modernizing communications. A VoIP business phone system has many features that a landline system is incapable of possessing. Does your business really need VoIP? The simple answer: yes.

Here are a few reasons why your business needs to implement VoIP:

Cost Savings

There are multiple ways to save money when switching to VoIP. To start, VoIP plans are less expensive than traditional landline plans. Since VoIP calls are routed over the Internet, local calls will be free. You will be utilizing your existing data network! You will also save money on international calls, which will cost a fraction of rates your business is used to paying. Not matter if it is VoIP, SIP or cloud, your business should review it telephone system every 3-5 years.

Ability to Use Many Devices

With VoIP, you can turn essentially any device "into" a VoIP phone. Easily do this by enabling mobile and desktop VoIP applications on your employees’ smartphones, desktops, and tablets. While beneficial to all employees, this feature is especially useful for remote or field employees who may not have constant access to a desktop phone. The ability to use multiple devices also enables seamless transfer between devices when on a call. For example, you can take an important call on your desk phone and easily transfer it to your smartphone if you have to leave the office during the call. Make sure your telephone systems are up to date, is an old telephone system hindering your businesses productivity?

Improve Your Customers’ Experiences

Customer satisfaction is one of the core drivers of a successful business. VoIP phone systems are able to record customer conversations, which can later be utilized for a variety of reasons. By reviewing calls, businesses can quickly identify frequently asked questions, understand common issues that may be arising during calls, or recall customers’ prior conversations to provide more personalized interactions. Recorded calls can also be used as a training tool to help strengthen current employees’ abilities and to train brand new employees. Just by listening to recorded calls, your company can greatly increase a customers’ experience. Did you know that your business is 100% reliant on your telephone system, make sure you have the right solution in place.

Increase Productivity

Efficient production is crucial to running a successful business, and VoIP technology can assist in boosting productivity. Calls will no longer just be a verbal discussion. VoIP allows a user to conduct virtual "face-to-face" meetings, share documents such as PDFs, and record conversations as a way of "taking notes" during a meeting. Calls will also be more productive because VoIP offers a high level of call quality. New versions of VoIP ensure that voice clarity is better, calls are not dropped, and transmission does not lag. Business telephone systems are the hot topic in business, don't make the mistake of putting off the review to save a few pence per month.

Access to 21st Century Features

VoIP phone systems have an array of features that traditional landlines just do not offer. Voicemail can be transcribed and sent directly to your e-mail, so gone are the days of having to call your voicemail inbox to listen to messages. Other modern features include linking your VoIP system with other enterprise software. Since VoIP is Internet-based, it can be integrated with other apps, like SalesforceComputer Technology Articles, Office 365 or Freshdesk. Consider switching to VoIP telephone systems.

Your customers need to implement the right VoIP phone system in order to enhance business communications.

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