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  • Published February 9, 2018
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This year will see the release of the new Avengers movie and whether you have big kids or little kids, it’s sure to create a buzz. The shops will be full of merchandise to help celebrate our favourite superheroes. We’ll learn more about the actors who play them. The premiere in each major city will cause huge amounts of excitement. Which celebrities will attend? What will they wear? And most important of all…..what will you wear to the movie premiere in your city?

Now, if you’re planning on paying homage to your favourite character then we have some tips for you.

Iron Man

Now depending on who you are and how old you are, you could go dressed as Tony Stark or Iron Man. Tony Stark is our loveable billionaire industrialist. He was selfish and spoiled but is captured, nearly killed, and nearly forced to build a weapon of mass destruction. Instead, he created an advanced suit of armour to save his life and escape captivity – and thus created Iron Man.

If you decide to be Tony Stark, a costume can be put together quite easily – think suit and sunnies.

Or go with the full Iron Man suit. Now as with anything, there are the budget options through to the not-so-budget. We’ve seen a supreme Iron Man costume for a whopping USD$899.99! It’s a high-quality replica which is sure to make an entrance at the premiere. I guess the question is, how far do you want to go?


The God of Thunder, with the strength to push the Leaning Tower of Pisa over with his little finger, and the power to live a very very very very long life. These are big shoes to fill but a fun costume to don.

When choosing which costume to go with, our advice would be to pay homage to your favourite movie version. So, if you or your family member loved the gladiator fight in Thor Ragnarok, choose the Gladiator themed Thor costume. You can buy the full suit including bulky arms, hammer, and helmet. Or, you could build your own with the essentials i.e. protective vest (must look like body armour), a Thor helmet, Thor hammer (unless you’re going as Thor post Ragnorak), some good black cargo pants, and some heavy-duty boots.

Captain America

A symbol of patriotism and freedom, with an unbreakable morale compass, Steve Rogers is Captain America. A human experiment during the second world war, he went from wimp to superhuman warrior.

Captain America has worn a different suit in every movie he’s appeared in. So, all you need to do is choose which one. Whichever suit you choose, it’s important to accessorise correctly. Helmet or mask, complete with the "A" logo. The shield (arguably the most important), slightly different in all appearances but always a red, blue, white/silver striped disc shape with a star in the middle.

Black Widow

The only woman in a team of male superheroes, Black Widow is one of the most lethal members of the avengers. Saved from the Hand by Wolverine and Captain America, Natasha Romanova became part of the Black Widow Program. A team of elite female sleeper agents. She’s strong, deadly, and extremely beautiful, so you’re sure to make an entrance.

Black is the theme of the costume. You need to look fierce and womanly. A black figure-hugging jump suit or Black Widow costume, gloves, black sport boot, drop leg gun holster and magazine holder, red or blonde wig (she’s blonde in the new movie trailer), and a Black Widow Airsoft Spring Pistol. Put all this together and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.


Now, if you really want to make an entrance, try going against the crowd and turn up as the baddie. Thanos, referred to as the Dark Lord by his underlings or the Mad Titan by the Galactic community. He is a powerful cosmic warlord who seeks to obtain the Infinity Stones. He’s big, bad, and ugly.

First and foremost you need to turn yourself a lighter shade of lilac. This could be achieved by wearing a full body suit (hopefully the venue won’t be too hot). Then you’ll need a Thanos war vest, complete with gold armour around the neck and shoulders, and some leather or leather look trousers. To finish off the look, get yourself an Infinity Gauntlet bank prop glove, a gold belt, and some heavy duty black boots. Then if you really want to go for it, there are some great make-up tutorials online to turn your face into the something special.

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