Top 3 Reasons to Opt into Routine Commercial HVAC Maintenance

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  • Published February 14, 2018
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Being an owner or facility manager of a commercial building is a lot like being in the fast lane on the freeway. The scene changes constantly, competition rises, and falls, and new products and services come out. It’s your job to be ahead of it all. So, don’t let any problem slow you down, especially your commercial HVAC. Any heating or cooling unit that’s running subpar is wasting lots of energy and thus, costing you more money. That’s money you could be investing into other aspects of your business that could help it grow.

Do you want to save money running your commercial building, especially through your commercial HVAC? We have the answers. Check out these 3 reasons for getting routine commercial HVAC maintenance here in the Inland Empire.

Improve your Energy Usage

Commercial buildings consume a lot of energy. In fact, commercial buildings account for over 40% of all energy usage in the United States. Your commercial HVAC is half of this number. That goes to show how much of an impact your commercial HVAC has on your energy bill. That’s why it’s important to find any feasible way to lower your utility costs.

Your first thought may be to power down the system altogether. However, no one wants to work in a stuffy environment, nor would they be able to deal with products that require certain temperatures. Instead, make it easy by investing in a cleaning or tune-up of your HVAC system. Soon after a routine commercial HVAC maintenance you’ll notice how much energy you’re saving right on paper. Keep in mind, the bigger the building you own or manage, the bigger your savings will be.

Avoid Costly Repairs

It’s easy to compare your commercial building to a car on the freeway. While maintenance may save time and money later down the road, many owners don’t see the need for it. That is, until something goes wrong and now they’re stuck with costly repairs. However, your HVAC system costs a whole lot more than your car. If one part of your commercial HVAC fails, chances are it’ll adversely affect other parts that work alongside it. These repair costs will be a whole lot more than what it would’ve been to just get preventative HVAC maintenance.

On top of a broken HVAC system, your business will take a hit too. There’ll be downtime to fix the problem, which can cost you and your tenants money, productivity and opportunity. Furthermore, it’ll be inconvenient and frustrating for everyone to operate in this environment.

Don’t let this be a problem for you. There are plenty of low-cost routine commercial HVAC programs you can take advantage of that’ll keep your business in the fast lane and not on the shoulder awaiting repair.

Keep Your Tenants and Employees Happy

Your tenants want to come into their jobs and put all their energy and attention into their work. However, they can’t do that if they don’t feel comfortable. It’s your job to make sure that they are.

Keep your heating and cooling systems running optimally with routine commercial HVAC maintenance. Studies show the comfort level of a workplace has a significant impact on job satisfaction and overall productivity. So, by scheduling out preventative HVAC maintenance, not only are you saving money, you’re making your tenants happy with you.

Now’s the time for you to move into the fast lane. Whether you’re an owner or facility manager of a commercial building, you now have 3 reasons to consider routine commercial HVAC maintenance here in the Inland Empire. Start today with a call to Select ACR at (951) 784-1070 or contact us online (

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