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  • Published March 2, 2018
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Joshua Grasmick, is an accomplished Speaker, Entrepreneur, Senior Marketing Professional, and Author of The SEO Key. Joshua also possesses an expert level of knowledge in the areas of web design and development, graphic design, Word Press, marketing, and Google Adwords, which he holds certification in. This level of expertise has allowed him to manage numerous successful projects, in which he participated in every aspect, especially marketing. Joshua has years of board marketing experience, and has during that time, taken part in qualitative and quantitative research, while also incorporating strategic planning and interactive marketing. He is also skilled in the areas of creative development, media planning and buying, public relations, sales promotion, visual merchandising, and many other areas. During his career, he has founded several different companies, including DermaMD. Outside of his companies, Joshua is responsible for a change in Google's algorithms. This occurred in thanks to an SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, tactic that was made popular by him. In his book, The SEO Key, he utilizes his expertise in marketing to help millions of people from all around the world to navigate their way through search engine optimization. The knowledge he provides guides his readers through making their way onto Google's top ranking. His achievement in marketing has quickly become an achievement for those who are building or repairing their businesses.

These awards have been a shining example of his ability to maintain success in a forever growing field. Along with his work in the marketing world, he has also received recognition for his work in the community. With his local church, Dovelight Ministry, he sits on the Board of Directors and assist with the overseeing of all church activities. Dovelight Ministries was formed by multiple church denominations and has a congregation full of people from all walks of life. They, along with Joshua, believe and teach that we are all one body in Christ. Using this as a driving force, Joshua works with fellow members to create a better and brighter future for others, especially children.In this role he uses his years of experience and compassion for others to help raise much needed funds for the youth members of his community who are currently in the foster care system.

In this and all of his other work, Joshua uses his many years of experience and gained expertise to provide innovations that inspires forward thinking and improves performance in all areas of business,and most importantly, life away from our work. Outside of his career, Joshua takes pride in his Freemason membership. In the society that has been in existence since the medieval times, he is a 32nd degree member. This level of membership is lengthy and sometimes difficult to reach.

Joshua Grasmick, is an accomplished Speaker, Entrepreneur, Senior Marketing Professional, and Author of The SEO Key.

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