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  • Published February 24, 2018
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Many potential investors are looking for a place to invest in real estate, not only for their retirement but also for a permanent vacation home. While some only want a second home to settle in, others want a solid real estate investment for their future that will build value over time. One of the attractive places for real estate investment right now is Panama. The real estate market in Panama is stable and the prices are more affordable in comparison with countries in the same region. Plus, Panama has been among the top on location lists for foreign real estate investment due to the positive real estate climate.

One of the best areas for real estate is Altos del Maria, which is only a short drive to Panama City. It's mountain climate (75º F - 24 Cº) and exquisite natural beauty make this a top choice for those who seek highlands and proximity to the capital city as well. Here are some of the interesting facts that have successfully persuaded many to invest in a Altos del Maria living.

Beautiful nature

The rainforests of Altos del Maria are one of the most breathtaking areas of Panama. It is an absolute must-go venue if you like hiking through the woods and observe stunning waterfalls, manicured forest and plenty of picnic spots and parks. There is plenty of different housing developments located in this area. One can only imagine how wonderful it is to wake up every day to the sound of the rainforest birds chirping and the beautiful sunrises. If you are an ocean lover but prefer living in the rainforest, Altos del Maria is definitely your ideal location. The beaches are only a short drive away, so you can get your sun on and can still enjoy the mountain at the end of the day as you arrive home. Along the way, you'll find stops where locals are friendly and you can taste delicious native meals and coffee.

Fantastic weather

Because of Altos del Maria's geographical location, which is between 18,000 and 35,000 feet above sea level, the weather is always mild. With temperatures in the sixties Fahrenheit all year around, this is definitely the spot to be to hide from the heat. If you fancy some sunlight, simply travel down from the mountain to the beaches where plenty of hot sun awaits.

Great activities

Altos del Maria is known to be one of the best places in the world for bird watching. There are over 230 species of birds documented in this community. That accounts for about 30% of all species of birds known in Panama up to this day.

Residents in Altos del Maria can also discover the local wildlife and flora along more than 10 kilometers of nature trails, which include about 2 kilometers along the river. All the trails are easy to walk since they are paved, and have hand rails in the steep areas. Along the Maria River, Altos del Maria residents will find swimming opportunities in different areas, including the main waterfall and swimming pond called Charco Las Doncellas. Extreme adventurers seeking for greater challenges should consider climbing the Picacho Mountain. The views are absolutely gorgeous along the way and up at the top. Another great day trip is a hike up the top of Cerro Gaital where you can see the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean on a clear day, while enjoying the cool breezes of the primary forest.

Ideal for retirees and families

This area is perfect for both retirees who want a simple and enjoyable way of life and for families who want a weekend getaway, while still enjoying the modern-day conveniences. Residents in Altos del Maria can travel to many different destinations within a short drive, from Pacific beaches to the capital city of Panama.

The locals have an expression: "everything grows quickly in Panama". This happens to be true in Altos del Maria, which is made up of mostly volcanic soil, the earth is full of the nutrients necessary for almost any kind of tropical plants, which is one of the reasons this area attracts many gardening enthusiasts. If you need a bit of assistance, local gardeners charge about 20 dollars per day.

Anyone who is considering an investment in Altos del Maria real estate for either a permanent retirement haven, a vacation home, or a current income investment opportunity will find Altos del Maria a viable option, especially due to its proximity to Panama City's infrastructure and services. Altos del Maria is one of the most beautiful areas of Panama.

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