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  • Author Tara Chariton
  • Published March 7, 2018
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When opening a new business, one of the most important steps to take is to create a website that showcases your company and the products/services it has to offer consumers. Today more than ever, customers turn to the Internet to find what they are looking for. But with so many more established companies out there vying for the same group of customers, how can a new business get the upper-hand? That is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in to help propel your company's website into the front of the consumer's mind and Google search. SEO can be difficult though, especially for new companies. Luckily, Digital Mark 360 has developed a variety of SEO Packages ideal for companies just like those.

For companies that are relatively new to the idea and practices of SEO, Digital Mark 360 has created several one-month packages that require no monthly obligations. The first package in this category that Digital Mark 360 has to offer is its SEO Diagnosis, which is a complete and detailed SEO examination of your company's website. This package provides you with everything needed to understand where your company stands in the search engine rankings. This package offers recommendations that are always easy to understand and carry out, for ways to expand your company's digital presence. The second package, SEO Onsite, offers all the perks of the previous package, along with a thorough, mechanical optimization of your company's website, making sure it is technically compatible with search engine algorithms. This unique service is vital to ensure that your website will be declared search engine friendly. Finally, the Social Media package was created specifically to help your company website to be recognized on a variety of popular Social Media platforms. One of the key parameters that is measured by search engine algorithms is the professional connections you are able to establish via your social media channels. This package helps you to accomplish this, because without these connections, it is very unlikely for your website to be ranked at the top.

Each one of the above packages are unique and have been designed to help new companies succeed. Starting a new business on your own can be stressful and difficult, but Digital Mark 360 is comprised of SEO experts who are eager to assist you. To help your company rise above the competition, contact Digital Mark 360 today. To learn more about Digital Mark 360, or to start working one-on-one with a digital marketing specialist, feel free to email or call (844) 305-4554.

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