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  • Published July 23, 2018
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People love parties, but little kids love them even more. This is the time to play various games with their friends and not carry about the mess they will make. When you are about to throw a party, you definitely have a lot to think about. You have the preparation process, which sometimes requires much effort, but it is fun most of the time, however, the last part – the cleaning time, is definitely not your favourite part, we guess. Cleaning, in general, is not what the majority of people do willingly. Most of them don’t want to engage in the cleaning tasks and prefer leaving them in someone else’s hands. But there is an easy way to deal with the mess on your own, and we are here to give you some basic guidelines and helpful tips.

Preparation is key

With kids on the horizon, you have to think about many things before the party begins. Which will be the main room of entertainment, what you need to buy, but most importantly – cleaning the place and tidying it up for the upcoming guests. You don’t want to invite people in a messy home. Kids will not notice it, but if they come with their parents, the latter will. So, make sure your home is good-looking for the guests. First impression is important after all. But cleaning doesn’t end here. If you wonder what to do, read the following tips:

Prepare bite-sized food to avoid any messes. Quick snacks and easy to eat food is better and will definitely will make that big of a mess.

Avoid giving chocolate treats, because they can easily leave hard-to-clean stains.

If possible, take the party outside. If you live in a house and a party is coming up soon, then you should do it in your backyard or garden. You will have much less to clean afterwards, and your home will not be affected in any way.

Close the doors of forbidden territories. If you don’t want your privacy to be invaded, then close and lock doors to make sure no one will enter them.

Don’t invite more guests than your property can handle. If you live in a small apartment, you cannot invite 20 kids, because they will need much more space.

Before the guests arrive, check all the rooms. If you’ve forgotten something, now is your chance to correct that.

Don’t use expensive dishes and priceless china presents. Make sure the dishes and glasses are not that important to you, because kids don’t really make a difference between expensive and cheap dishware.

Leave wet wipes and other helpful cleaning tools on the surfaces, where the party is held. An unexpected situation can be easily dealt with, if you have the needed tools at one hand’s reach.

During the party

It is good to keep an eye on the kids during the party, making sure everyone is having fun. You should also keep an eye on the place. Make sure there are no spillages, there is no food on the floor, no trash on the surfaces. You should keep everything under control, if you want to ease the cleaning session after everyone’s gone.

After the party

Here are our tips, which you might want to follow, if you want to properly clean the surfaces after the party is over and return your home environment to its natural look and state.

Start when the guests are gone. Procrastinating might be good in some situations, but in this – it’s not. The sooner you start, the sooner you will get to relax and forget about that there was even a party.

Run a cycle of the dishwasher. If necessary, run more cycles.

Deal with the bigger things first – remove garbage and take care of furniture. Clean all confetti, balloons and similar partying items.

Take care of stains.

Store leftovers in plastic bags or food containers.

Vacuum carpets and floors and mop bare floors.

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