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  • Published August 31, 2018
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There are many reasons for damage to a hard drive. The main ones are mechanical damage to the disk. This may occur either due to overvoltage or interruption. Also, if liquids fall on it, it is likely to spoil.

In addition to mechanical damage, there are also software-related malfunctions. Improper computer boot, bugs in applications, viruses, and others can damage the disk. You should pay particular attention to them when there are important data stored in the disk.

Let's see if you notice that you accidentally deleted important files or that the hard disk has a problem, so you can not read your files. For your sake there are applications and even free of charge several of them with which you can retrieve your data.

But success of data recovery depends on many factors. If the disk has suffered major damage and the apps can not recognize it, then our technician's help is definitely needed. In addition, how soon you realized the loss since it happened.

These programs are as follows:

Recuva: One of the most useful free data recovery programs. It uses a navigation assistant that asks for file types as well as the location of the disk. Once it locates these files, it displays them so you can choose to retrieve them. It uses Deep Scan to search and retrieve other files.

Glary Undelete: It's simple to use since all you need to do is click Search. The application searches for deleted files and displays them in an environment that resembles Windows Explorer.

Wise Data Recovery: Simple and fast application. Select the disc to be scanned for deleted files and click Scan.

In cases where the damage is extensive and can not be corrected by software, it is urgently needed to help our team. Our technicians through various means can recover the lost files of the hard disk.

When you understand the damage, contact us immediately. Repair costs have to do with how big the damage is, as well as the hours of work that will be needed. After consulting with our team you can rest assured that we will do our best to get your files back.

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