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  • Published November 9, 2018
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Technology is wonderful. It can amaze you with its dynamic nature anytime. It is progressive and doesn’t look back. It can baffle you with its innovations all the time. Take example of the latest home security alarm equipment. Modern technology has entirely changed them within years. And the journey to novelty is still continued.

Did you know home security systems have enabled you to control your devices remotely? Now you can sit anywhere: be it your office, friend’s home or road, you can absolutely connect with your home through your smartphone. Let us talk about some of the smart home alarm devices that can be accessed using your handy device anywhere:

  • Smart Thermostats

It was an old practice to get up from your bed, walk all the way from your room to operate your thermostat. Novel technology has simplified this for you. Now smart thermostats can help you control your home temperature virtually. Using your cellphone, you can turn on/off your smart thermostat anywhere, adjust the temperature, check notifications and control your pet’s comfy zone on the go.

  • Smart Door Locks

Our old generation was key-dependent. They needed keys to open and close their doors while burglars were smart enough that they had bump keys to enter a home. Modern technology has developed a new system of securing your doors.

It has made keyless entry possible for you and made it sure your smart door locks can’t be copied or tampered. Any suspicious attempt can trigger the alarm and send you notification on your smartphone. This is an incredible innovation to ensure your home is protected from any danger 24/7. Burglars feel scared that anytime they try to tamper with your smart door lock, you will get an instant notification about it. Moreover, smartphone access also enables you to open/close your door virtually. You can apply and change your code, check recent history and reach the central monitoring team from anywhere.

  • Arm/Disarm Alarm System

Arming and disarming your alarm system on time is as necessary as eating food. If you fail to do it properly, the whole idea of having an alarm system at home can fail. Many homeowners used to forget doing this due to tough schedules. However, changing times have improved the home security alarm systems. Now you can have a complete control over your home security system using your smartphone. Use the app anytime to arm/disarm your system, check notifications or change settings virtually.

This helps reduce chances of forgetting to arm/disarm your security equipment when you are in a rush.

  • Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are your smart home essentials. They make you one step ahead of time. Initially, you need to go near to the switch board to turn on/off your bulbs. Modern technology has improved this system for you. Now you can just use your smartphone to turn on/off any bulb even if it is in the garage or rooftop. Moreover, you can also check your lights on the go.

Smart bulbs are energy efficient devices that also help you to reduce your electricity bill. They offer more brightness consuming low power. Besides, one great advantage of operating your smart bulbs from your cellphone is you can pretend that you are at home even if you are away for many days. This can help protect your home against home invaders.

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