The beauty of copper: where does it come from?

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  • Published December 19, 2018
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Researching the origins of a copper product is very important to consider when determining the eligibility of a products lifespan, functionality, and overall appearance. The most important factor that will determine these things is whether or not the copper is made from pure of recycled copper alloys. Most of these products are manufactured either in Mexico or China, which greatly compromises the integrity of the product. Let's review the reasons why here:

Shopping for a copper product for your home can be more or less critical depending on the application of what the product will be used for. One of the most common uses of copper is for wire, and electrical circuits. This type of copper is usually high quality, as a recycled copper will surely melt in this type of use. Another frequent application of this metal is copper sinks. These sinks are highly sough after as they hold benefits and can greatly improve the usage for the user. One of the single most important benefits of pure copper is the ability for the metal to be antimicrobial. This means that bacteria is eliminated directly on the surface of the metal. If bacteria is eliminated, this means that cleaning and care is a BREEZE! Check out some copper care facts here.

Examining the benefits of a metal begins with the gauge and purity rating of the metal. If the metal is made from recycled materials, it is very likely that the metal will not hold any of the natural benefits of copper. Recycled copper is NOT antimicrobial, and anyone claiming it is, is simply lying to the customer.

Out of all copper sinks sold, it's estimated that 99/100 are imported and made from recycled materials. Why is this? It's mainly due to the fact that manufacturers can cut costs and increase profits by using recycled material and foreign craftsman. This is very dangerous for the consumer, as many of these sinks contain arsenics and other hazardous materials.

The big box stores that sell undermount and hammered copper sinks sell mostly all imports. There are in fact only a handful of American manufacturers that product USA made copper sinks. Havens Metal is an industry leading example of high quality copper sinks made from 14 gauge non-recycled copper with a 99.9% 48oz purity rating. These sinks are indeed antimicrobial and display many benefits since they are of the highest quality. Shopping for the best copper products is easy, and there is another article you should read.

Consider many different things when shopping for your home, and researching the manufacturer is key. This will make or break the experience and ultimately result in a highly durable long lasting product, or one that simply falls apart after a few uses.

Alex is a kitchen & bath expert, writing since 1999.

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