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  • Published December 17, 2018
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You’ve already invested a considerable amount of money in purchasing your home, so it’s time to make sure that you are maximising all of the space. Outdoor areas are often left to the wayside and forgotten. If they aren’t completed upon move-in, it can often be difficult to find the motivation to renovate. Maybe next year, you tell yourself, but then next year becomes ten years. This summer, take the initiative and invest in a steel patio for your Melbourne home. Will it be another living area, or would you prefer an outdoor kitchen instead? There are many things to consider when creating an outdoor space, but most of all, it should be a functional and fun addition to your home. Here are some tips on how to achieve that.

Protection From Elements

A great outdoor area has some type of protection from the elements. One of the best options for Melbourne homes is a steel patio. The quality construction is both versatile and sturdy, so it can be configured to a variety of dimensions and still withstand inclimate weather. Even in hailstorms or against wind gusts, a steel patio will keep you and your belongings safe. All outdoor furniture wears out eventually, but when kept under a patio or verandah, it will last much longer and save you money on replacements.

Additionally, Stratco steel patios come with additional accessories, such as lighting, fans, or heat strips. No matter the weather or time of day, your outdoor space will be the perfect place to gather and entertain.

Location, Location, Location

Your home may not have the space to accommodate any different layouts, but if you have a choice in where to place your patio, make sure to consider it carefully. Think about the proximity to your surrounding neighbours. You probably don’t want them creeping on your outdoor gatherings from their window, and you don’t want them complaining about noise if you are too close to their fence. Also, think about the sun’s location. If you have a steel patio, it can help block out the sun overhead, but when it sets or rises, it might be in an inconvenient spot.

Comfy, Quality Furniture

A fun and functional patio needs fun and functional furniture - (try saying that five times fast!). Whether you are trying to create a nice additional living or dining, the individual pieces are what make the space work. Nobody enjoys sitting on a rusty old chair or a questionable, moist sofa. Outdoor furniture has a bad reputation because people skimp out on it and don’t take proper care of it.

Entertainment Options

What fun would your outdoor patio be without some entertainment? Create a space where you and your family want to spend time by adding some great entertainment options. Wireless speakers are always a hit and allow anyone to blast their favourite tunes. If you have money to splurge, a projector on a blank wall or screen would lead to unforgettable movie nights under the stars. Whatever makes you happy, see if there is a way to incorporate it into your patio.

For help creating an incredible outdoor living space in Melbourne, contact Outdoor Impressions and learn how they can assist in building your dream patio.

For help creating an incredible outdoor living space in Melbourne, contact Outdoor Impressions and learn how they can assist in building your dream patio.

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