Advantages of Cremation


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  • Published November 30, 2018
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Some Advantages of Choosing Cremation

In the Knoxville area, there are a few options for how to manage the remains of your loved one who has passed away. Some are surprised at the advantages of cremation. Rather than being impersonal or abrupt, many find the options made available through cremation therapeutic and helpful to all involved.

The Two Basic Cremation Methods

You can either have your loved one go through a direct cremation or cremation with services. Cremation with services involves a ceremony and some form of remembrance for the deceased. This is a chance for the family to gain comfort from both the process and each other. Many find this the better way to go. However, direct cremation can have benefits as well, depending on whether the grieving process of those involved will benefit from this form of cremation.

Cremation Is Usually Less Expensive

The costs of the casket, the cemetery fee, the headstone, and the gravesite can add up quickly. If these costs get to be too much to handle, it can put considerable strain on the family. Money should not interfere with, or play a role in, the grieving process. Cremation is usually less expensive because it avoids several of the costlier items associated with services after someone’s passing away.

Cremation Puts the Disposition of Remains Under Your Control

While a typical burial ceremony will usually take place at a cemetery, there are many more options available for the disposition of the remains if you choose to cremate. The remains can be brought home and put in either a private place or in a place where they can be viewed and reflected upon. You can also choose to have them spread out at sea. Perhaps your loved one had a local fishing spot that provided respite. The cremains could be spread there as well. In addition, a plant or a tree can be planted over the cremains of your loved one, and this could be kept in a garden, yard, or discretely in an area that can be visited for years to come. Additionally, many people choose to simply bury the remains in a cemetery, perhaps in a family plot or next to a deceased spouse, friend, or child.

Cremation offers many options that are not possible with a traditional burial ceremony. Regardless of what you choose, you want to make sure it allows for an appropriate sense of closure, which will serve to benefit everyone involved.

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