How to Choose the Right Funeral Home


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  • Published November 30, 2018
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In Knoxville, and all over the United States, the passing of a loved one is a chance to both honor the legacy of the person who has passed and to begin the healing process for those who have been left behind. To do this well, the services of a funeral home are crucial. Those who will attend the funeral will need to be able to walk away feeling a sense of closure and satisfaction at that special chance to say goodbye. Hence, it is important to carefully select the right funeral home to handle the wishes of the deceased and of the family. Here are some things to keep in mind as you search.

Reputation Matters

Whether you review the qualifications of a funeral home online, in person, or through the sentiments of family or friends, you will want to seriously consider the reputation of the funeral home with which you are dealing. This may be a challenge if you are relatively new to Knoxville and don’t have family or friends who have dealt with any of the funeral homes in the area. Online reviews can come in handy, and in the absence of reviews, you can go in and talk with the funeral home’s director.

Ask Any Questions You Have

The job performed by a Knoxville funeral home is a balance of skill and consideration. When you talk with an employee of the home, you should get a sense of both of these important attributes. In addition to asking how long they have been in business, don’t hesitate to get more detailed. If you are concerned about how your loved one will look, don’t be afraid to make that known. It’s OK to ask a lot of questions. It’s also OK to go into detail regarding the person’s physical condition when they died, particularly concerning whether or not the director will be able to do an adequate job of presenting the body in a dignified way that enhances your loved one’s natural beauty.

Prepare Early

Although the passing of a loved one is sometimes unexpected, often there are signs, whether they be sickness or a naturally declining condition. Starting the planning process early is not a sign of disrespect. Rather, it shows that you are taking this seriously and want to honor your loved one as best you can.

Regardless of your final choice, if you used these tips, the event will be memorable for all the right reasons. And it should be so because your loved one deserves the best.

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