What Size Chandelier Should I Choose For My Space?

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  • Published January 6, 2019
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This article will try to sum up how to choose the correct size chandelier for your space. Taking into account the height of your room, the size of the furniture in the room and the size of the room.

The first step: The Diameter

Get a measuring tape, a piece of paper, a pencil and possibly a calculator (I'll bet your smart phone has one). To determine the diameter of your chandelier: Measure the length and width of your room. Get your calculator (if you have one) and add the two numbers together. For instance if your room is 10 feet wide by 12 feet long, you will get the answer of 22 feet. Anyway go ahead and change that 22 feet to 22 inches. There is where the diameter of your chandelier comes in you need a chandelier that is 22 inches in diameter.

If you are looking at a chandelier over a dining room table, figure 12 inches smaller than your table is wide. For example if your dining table is 4 foot wide - 48 inches, your chandelier should be 3 foot wide - 36 inches. Better too big than too small. So a good range to look at over a 4 foot wide table would be 36 inches to 40 inches say.

The second step: How Tall

If we are looking at 8 foot ceilings in this dining room, it should hang about 30 inches from the very bottom of the chandelier to the top of your dining table. If we are trying to figure out how tall a chandelier to hang in your foyer it should drop about 7 feet off the floor to the bottom of the chandelier. So think of it this way, for every foot of height estimate 2.5 to 3 inches in chandelier height. Trust your eye.

The third step: Now Where to Hand This Chandelier

Don't limit yourself to just a dining room or an entry way/foyer. You can hang a chandelier over your claw foot tub or free standing tub. This chandelier shouldn't be too large, a mini is usually enough to dress up the space. You can have a chandelier in the master bedroom, just put a dimmer on it and you have created a romantic glow, much safer than candles for those special occasions. A mini chandelier or two over your kitchen island, a large island 10 ft or so could probably take 3 mini chandeliers.

The Fourth step: What Kind of Style Should I Choose

If you lean toward a rustic decor, a chandelier that has antlers or wood beams could be an option. For a modern contemporary look try a drum chandelier with crystals too add some sparkle and bling. For a more shabby chic look how about a beaded chandelier for one with a distressed painted finish.

Most chandeliers have the option of an adjustable height, usually means coiling a cord, taking out a link or two, or some have a sliding mechanism that allows height adjustment. It all depends on the style of your chandelier.

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