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Game House is a video game distribution platform. With a library of thousands of games and new ones added almost every day, it’s an ideal way to bring all the games you love together in one place. Play any game you want, anytime!

You do not even need to be a member to play here. However, as a non-member you’ll be limited to a free 60-minute trial of each game you play. Non-members can sign up for membership at any time to gain unlimited access to our game library.

As a member, you’ll have unlimited access to our entire library of games. That’s any of the thousands of games available at Game House, any time you want to play them! Membership costs $10.99* /month and includes additional benefits, such as personalized recommendations, early updates on new releases, and priority customer support. Plus, you can cancel at any time.

This site offers a wide variety, including Hidden Object, Time Management, Match 3, Card, Puzzle, Indie games, and more. Select "Genres" from the navigation bar at the top of your browser window to view a complete list of genres. We recommend browsing each category for a full list and explanation of the types of games we offer.

The games are installed to your computer’s main drive (C:/) and accessed via the website. Once you click "Play" on a page, your installation will automatically begin.

Please note games are played, accessed, and managed from the website. Therefore, you will need to be connected to the internet to play.

If you’re new to this site, you will be taken to the installation page after clicking "Play". A .exe file containing the name will be downloaded. Click on this file to install.

Alongside your new game, the GameHouse Application will automatically be installed. The Application is responsible for managing the games installed on your computer, including how much space they take up. Once finished, a shortcut will appear on your computer’s desktop. You can use this shortcut to go directly to "My Games" on the website.

GameHouse uses a maximum of 10GB of storage space on your computer’s main drive. The Application helps to ensure this limit is not exceeded. The amount of storage needed is dependent on the number of games you play. However, once the 10GB storage cap has been reached, GameHouse will automatically delete your old games you haven’t played in a while. Don’t worry; Your save data is stored separately and will be kept safe should you choose to play the again.

To download a game:

Click the Play button, and your download will automatically begin.

Click on the notifications icon in the upper right corner of the navigation bar at the top of your browser window or select "My Games" to view installation progress.

Once downloaded, click "Play" to hop right in!

If this is your first time using GameHouse, you will need to run the [gamename].exe file that’s downloaded after clicking "Play" to complete your installation. All subsequent downloads and installations will run automatically when "Play" is clicked.

To uninstall a game, go to "My Games" and click the garbage can icon at the bottom of the icon to remove it.

Also, Quick Play enables you to enjoy games faster than ever. From the moment you visit a page, Quick Play will automatically begin setting it up for you. No more waiting for installation to finish – just pick up and play!

Turn off Quick Play by going to "My Account" or your profile name and selecting the "PREFERENCES" tab. Toggle the switch next to Quick Play to turn it Off or On. By default, Quick Play is switched On.

Important Note: Quick Play technology requires more internet data. You may want to turn off the Quick Play option if:

• You have limited internet capacity

• You have an internet data cap

• You do not wish to use excess data on Quick Play functionality

Run, jump, shoot and sneak your way through challenging tasks and obstacles. The Action genre includes Arcade, Adventure, Platformer, Simulator, and Indie-style games. Try any online game for free!

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