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  • Published January 10, 2019
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Nowadays, video games are never meant to be played, or viewed, alone. And, with all the numerous applications like Twitch, it is now easier than ever to share your gaming with friends with a few simple clicks of a button. Fortunately, broadcasting your games to Twitch from a computer is just as simple as streaming from a phone. Here’s how to broadcast on Twitch with a PC.

Step 1. Check Your Internet Connection and PC

To broadcast on Twitch from a PC, you’ll first need to make sure your internet connection and PC can support your broadcasting. The type of PC and internet speed you need generally depends on the game you want to stream. Overall, the higher quality PC and faster internet speeds you can get, the better the stream. But for starters, you need a PC with a minimum of 4GB of RAM and a good quality CPU. As far as the internet goes, aim for upload speeds of 3-5 mb/s for a high-quality stream. 1-2 mb speeds and lower will also get the job done, but it won’t provide you with a top-notch quality stream.

Step 2. Download XSplit Gamecaster and Sign Up for XSplit Account

Broadcasting to Twitch from a PC requires a streaming program to do so. We recommend using XSplit, a simple and free program. Since there is a paid version of the program, this version has a lower picture and audio quality than the premium one, but will still easily get the job done. It also still allows you to adjust your settings to get the best possible quality stream on with your PC and includes many other convenient setting options. However, if you plan on streaming professionally, purchasing a license for higher quality streaming is a must. To get started, download the XSplit Gamecaster and sign up for a free XSplit account.

Step 3. Launch XSplit and Adjust Settings.

Once you launch XSplit, if it is your first time using the program, it will prompt you to login to your Twitch account to sync XSplit to Twitch. After logging in, launch the game that you want to broadcast and press the control and tab keys simultaneously to prompt the XSplit overlay. Then, click on the overlay menu to find the settings, which allows you to customize your stream and add features like annotations and a webcam. This is also good for fine-tuning your audio and picture quality.

Step 4. Start Broadcasting!

After adjusting the settings, you are all set to start broadcasting. Simply go to your game, open the XSplit overlay, and click Stream. Then, you will be broadcasting live directly to Twitch.

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