Cabin Lighting: Why is it Important?

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  • Published January 14, 2019
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Lighting is essential to any good design, and its importance is often overlooked. Lighting within any space is important, but especially important if you have a darker space to work with, such as a cabin. With brown everywhere, it can be difficult to brighten it up. That is where the use of lighting comes in. In this article, I will outline some of the reasons why lighting is an integral part of good home design.

Most cabins have log walls, or some sort of wood walls on the interior, which can make the rooms a lot darker. The interiors of most regular houses have sheet-rocked walls that can be painted any color you like, but cabins tend to have more natural wood used in the construction. Furthermore, most cabins are accented with other wood items, such as tables and shelves, bringing even more darkness to the rooms.

The more lighting you have within a room, the more warm and inviting it is. And I’m not talking about fluorescent lighting. That kind of lighting is harsh and unnatural. I’m talking about soft, warm lighting that can be achieved with the use of lamps, sconces, recessed cans, track lighting, fireplaces and candles. Lighting can completely change the whole look of a home. Have you ever noticed that a home with a lot of lighting always looks more inviting and impressive? That’s because proper lighting really draws attention to, and adds to the beauty of a home. Some ways to add lighting to a home are outlined in this article.

The first option to get more lighting is to simply add it during the construction phase of your home. Ask a designer or contractor for tips on installing adequate lighting when building the home. Or if you are remodeling, bring an expert in to see how you can add extra lighting to the space during that process. Another way to add more natural light during a build or remodel would be through the addition of windows, which can easily be done with the use of a general contractor.

If you are not building or remodeling, there are simple ways to add lighting to an existing space. Like mentioned above, lighting elements such as lamps, candles, sconces and fireplaces can really help add brightness to a dark space. So, with lamps, there are a lot of different types to choose from, like table lamps and floor lamps. These can all vary in style and shape, but the intention is the same. It is a very easy way to add light to a room and they are able to be moved when necessary. Adding candles or lanterns are an easy way as well.

Another type of light is a sconce. A sconce attaches to the wall and connects to the electrical wires inside of your walls. These types of lights are obviously harder to implement into your home, but they are worth the effort. An electrician should help you with this type of lighting. There are many different types of wall sconces available on the market today. We have come across some that have snow shoes in the design, and some made with miniature oars, which are very unique and memorable!

The last way to add light to a dark space is with the use of a fireplace. Most cabins are built with fireplaces due to their drafty nature. Fireplaces not only add warmth and comfort to a home, they can add light to a dark space too, if they are open faced or have a glass front. So, light up the fire and add some brightness and warmth to your home.

I hope this article helps you to see that lighting is an integral part of your home design. Lighting is often forgotten and overlooked, but definitely necessary for a lighter, brighter, and more welcoming home.

Tana Lake has loved art and design all of her life. She shared her artwork with her mother, who praised her for her talent. Her most recent accomplishment is her new website, [](, where she features Cabin Decor and Lighting options for your cabin, or country home.

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