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  • Published February 3, 2019
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When trying to decide on the right structure for your outdoor areas, you might feel overwhelmed with the abundance of choices. Australia has a range of different suppliers for patios and verandahs. While on the surface they all may look similar, one company has withstood the test of time. The Stratco Outback range is a top choice for homes across the country due to its quality, reputation, and availability. You might be tempted by cheap prices or flashy sales, but there are a host of reasons to choose a Stratco Outback product.

  1. Construction

Whether you choose an attached model or a freestanding structure, the entire Stratco Outback Patio selection is constructed to the highest standards. Each one has been engineered to exceed building regulations and comes with council-friendly plans for faster approvals. The steel construction discourages pests and allows for easier cleaning, and the beam and bracket system provides extra strength. Even the harshest weather should be no match.

If by chance you do experience any issues or problems with your patio or verandah, Stratco proudly offers an impressive 15-year structural warranty.

  1. Design

Curb appeal is incredibly important when selling your house, and even though your backyard is not always on display, it should still match the rest of your home. The Stratco Outback range comes in different roof types like flat, gable, curved, and hipped. You can also choose from pergolas or sunroofs. When it comes to colour, there are plenty of high gloss options to suit any style, and Stratco offers an eight-year paint finish warranty. An outdoor structure is something you will be looking at constantly, so make sure it is up to your design standards.

  1. Types of Products and Accessories

By purchasing a Stratco Outback product, you aren’t just getting a great outdoor setup, you also get the ability to choose from some useful accessories. For example, the Cooldek roofing is an innovative panelling system that provides better climate control and cooling, which is perfect for hot summer days. Other accessories include mounted lighting, ceiling fans, heaters, and even kitchen settings. With these additions, you can enjoy the perks of outdoor living all year long.

  1. Authorised Dealers

It can be hard to know who to trust these days when searching for a service online. There are many scammers and questionable businesses out there, so it is best to be wary, especially when it comes to construction projects. However, with Stratco, they have an Authorised Dealer program to help out their customers. If you would rather not put together your new patio yourself, Authorised Dealers are certified Stratco Outback installers. When they install your structure, Stratco gives you a free one-year installation warranty. Save yourself the time and worry, and find a Stratco Authorised Dealer to help.

  1. History

Stratco has a long history in Australia, and it continues to provide its superior service to this day. The company was originally founded as a plumbing business in Adelaide in the early 1940’s, but after a few years, it became a sheet metal distributor. Over the decades, they expanded the business and services provided and quickly became a mainstay in the Australian building market. In 1992, Stratco launched their Outback range, which is still as popular as back then!

If you want a Stratco Outback Patio for your Melbourne home, contact Outdoor Impressions. As an Authorised Stratco Dealer, you can trust their experienced team to help with any questions.

Stratco Outback Patio for your Melbourne home, contact Outdoor Impressions. As an Authorised Stratco Dealer, you can trust their experienced team to help with any questions. https://www.outdoorimpressions.com.au/outback/verandah-flat/

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