4 Safety Tips to Remember While Working on Hard Concrete Floors

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  • Published February 3, 2019
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As we all know that on site labours will have to do work in different types of work environments. That might be dangerous or harmful for them. So in that situation its employers duty to provide all the safety equipment and dressing to workers so that they would remain safe and secure. Other than that in most organizations, there is hard concrete flooring. Just like in factories, retail shops, industries, warehouses and hospitals. So you should know that most of the accidents use to happen due to these concrete floors. Because these floors actually take a toll on the human body because of its inflexibility. Actually, you should know that standing and walking on the concrete floors for longer time periods might become reason of creating sore feet, knee pain, swollen legs and also cause back pain. Due to all these reasons, you should prefer to opt for following safety tips while working on these type of hard concrete floors.

1.  Wear High Quality Footwear with Insoles:

The first thing that you should prefer to do while working on hard concrete floor is to wear best safety shoes UK. So its better to buy the footwear that will have insoles. But make sure you have tried the footwear before buying it so that you might get a chance to buy the correct size. Keep in mind that you have to avoid wearing too tight footwear or even too loose shoes. Having an adequate fitting of the footwear is very important as it will help you to prevent slip and fall accidents on the concrete floor. 

2.  Rotate and Replace your Footwear Regularly:

The next thing that you should prefer to do while working on the hard concrete floor is to rotate and replace the footwear. Opt to wear boots, some days and other days opt to wear shoes or sandals. But if you have to wear same work or safety shoes on a daily basis, then you should prefer to change it after every six months. And opt to have more than one pair with you so that you would swap it and where the differential pair of shoes. That will help you to reduce the overall wear of footwear as it loses cushioning and support due to regular wear.

3.  Opt to Change the Position More Frequently:

The next thing that workers should do while working on hard concrete floors is to change the standing position very frequently. Actually by doing so you can reduce the overall impact of the hard concrete floors. Just like you can simply get the stool and sit down for some time. as that will allow you to rest your feet for some time and prevent having chronic pains in your feet.

4.  Use Anti-Fatigue Mats on Concrete Floors:

The next thing that you should prefer to do is to use anti fatigue mats in your organization. As that will allow you to feel relaxed while working on the concrete floors. Basically, these soft and comforting mats will help you to feel relaxed and pain free while working for long hours in the organization.

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