What Kind of Lighting Do I Use in My Cabin Home?

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  • Author Tana Lake
  • Published February 15, 2019
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The kind of lighting you should put in your cabin home depends on how dark it is inside of your home and the type of ambiance you are going for. If your cabin is like most cabins, it is probably dark from a lack of windows and from all the natural wood that it's built with. The more wood that's inside, the darker it will be typically, unless there are a ton of windows. In this article, I will go over the different types of lighting that you can use in your cabin home.

The first type is natural lighting, such as windows, sliding glass doors and skylights. These are either built into your home, or you can put them in after you move in. Sliding glass doors let in more light than most windows, due to their size. Skylights are really nice too, but not typically built into most cabins. If you are fortunate enough to have one in your home, they are a wonderful design feature.

The second type of lighting is a lamp, which consists of table lamps and floor lamps. These are easy to implement into your home due to their mobility and ease of use. They can create an inviting type of environment. There are many types of lamps on the market today. Some are quite unique and entertaining, with various things made into their design such as fishing poles, covered wagons, skis, and canoes etc.

The third type of lighting elements are sconces. These are essentially lights that hang on your wall and get wired in to your existing electrical system. They are not as easy to implement as lamps, but they are quite impressive. An electrician should assist you in installing these in your home, unless you have previous electrical knowledge. Even then, it is wise to have someone certified verify your work. It's especially nice if they are installed with a dimmer switch. That way you can control the strength of your light, and adjust it due to the mood you're trying to create. Sconces are usually a supporting light, not a main light, so a dimmer would be a nice touch for this type of light. This type of lighting can also be used to create a relaxing ambiance, due to their style and design.

Another type of lighting is candles, which are relaxing in nature. These come in the traditional wax variety, or faux candles that are a very realistic, battery powered version that are reusable for many years. Traditional candles come in many varieties including colored, scented, and some are even sold with jewelry inside. Yes, it's true. Many companies are selling rings and necklaces inside of their candles, to give people a little more incentive to buy their candles. (This would be a great place to include an affiliate link, if they were allowed.)

A lot of cabin owners use oil lamps as a source of light. Oil lamps aren't only for when the power goes out, they can create a relaxing environment at any time. I particularly like the flickering light that an oil lamp produces. It’s quite soothing. While it's probably not the best light to read a book by, it's a wonderful light to use when having a drink with friends, or after a long day on the ski slopes.

I hope this article helps to give you some ideas for lighting choices for brightening up your cabin home.

Tana Lake has loved design all her life. She attended Seattle Art Institute for Interior Design. Her most recent accomplishment is her new website, [http://www.BestCabinDecor.com](http://www.bestcabindecor.com/), where she features Cabin Decor and Lighting Elements for your cabin, lodge, or country home.

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