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  • Published March 1, 2019
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Among the many Blue Seal cookers on the market is the Evolution Series which the company itself says is the culmination of a process in which the Blue Seal range has been completely redesigned. The result is an expanded, more functional range of equipment with improved streamlining which creates a continuous workspace when the units are placed together in a line. The greater depth of 812mm provides plenty of cooking area.

All the units are constructed on a galvanised steel chassis, and the drop down doors have a heavy duty hinge system for longevity. Every unit has heavy gauge 304 grade stainless steel cladding and the level surfaces mean that you can slide pans effortlessly from one unit to another which makes for much greater ease of operation when you are cooking all day. A new advanced open burner has been designed which provides 7kw of power, and the very precise controls ensure optimum performance for any pan size with the compact flame. You can go from high heat setting to a low heat/simmer using the robust control knobs to make subtle adjustments to get the heat setting spot on.

You can now customise the Blue Seal line-up with the addition of 600mm, 900mm, and 1,200mmm griddles, and there is a standard thermostatically controlled 20mm plate providing excellent heat retention and distribution. There is also a mirrored chrome surface option which gives excellent efficiency by trapping more heat on the cooking surface. A solid simmer plate retains heat and spreads it evenly across pots and pans. It sits at the same level and you can easily swap it with the pot supports on all of the Blue Seal Evolution Series gas cooktops.

Thanks to the heavyweight iron castings and the full vitreous enamel finish, the cookers can withstand the day to day punishment handed out to them by chefs who are in a hurry. There are extended pot support fingers to give extra stability to small pans, preventing them tipping over. The drop down doors on all the ovens are easy to open with one hand, and they are fully framed to withstand harsh treatment and retain an even seal when closed.

The Blue Seal Evolution Series has been designed so that you can fit refrigeration units wherever you need them, and so that you can access them without leaving your station. You can now match your cooktop or griddle with a 900mm or 1,200mm refrigerated gastronorm base which is available in a range of door and drawer combinations. These units are rated for tropical temperatures up to 40°C and have a holding temperature range of -2°X to +8°C. Standard on all the units are a digital temperature control and an automatic defrosting and condensate heater.

Blue Seal cookers also include a pasta cooker which produces consistently perfect results and can handle it when there are a lot of orders on the go. From a cleaning point of view, the Evolution Series has been designed to reduce cleaning time, with rounded edges both internally and externally, making wiping down and hygiene easier. The streamlined surfaces make cleaning a whole line a lot simpler too. The Series has also been designed so that carrying out service and maintenance can be done without removing a unit from a line. This means that you don't have to shut down a whole line just to service one unit, which in turn means that you can carry on cooking.

The Blue Seal Series is all about performance and function. The gas cooker tops produce 7kw of heat, while heavy duty vitreous enamel trivets with extended fingers mean that you can slide small pots and pans around without them tipping over. The electric cooktops in the Series provide all the heat that you will need through either 2.4kw radiant elements or through optional 2kw solid plates. Both the gas and the electric options can accommodate 300mm, 600mm, or 900mm griddle plates in either ribbed or smooth machine-finished mild steel. The controls are chunky and provide precise heat adjustment across the whole range, while they have strengthened shaft sleeves and very clear non-fade markings so that you don't have to keep having them replaced.

Mr Whiteware is a leading UK supplier of catering equipment and has available the full range of Blue Seal cookers in the Evolution Series together with the integrated fridges.

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