What Kind of Table Do I Put in the Living Room of My Cabin Home?


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  • Published March 1, 2019
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There are many types of living room tables on the market today, and choosing which ones to buy can be a bit overwhelming. In this article, I will go over some different types of tables and which ones would work best in your cabin home.

I should first mention the various types of tables that people use in their homes. There are coffee tables, which usually sit out front of the main couch, and act as a place to put your coffee (hence the name) or other drinks and magazines. These are usually the largest of the tables that people use, and are typically the main focal point, as far as tables go. It would be wise to make this table important and set apart from the rest, in quality, price, and size.

Other tables in the living room are side tables, which usually go beside the couch or any other seating you have, and up against the wall. They act as a place to put a drink or other small item. They are usually smaller than the coffee table, and not as necessary to stand out in your design. They come in all shapes and sizes, and some even have lamps attached!

An accent table is similar to a side table, but these tend to accent the room's decor, hence the name. They compliment the surroundings and tend to be on a side wall, away from the coffee table or side tables. They are used primarily for storing decorations and artwork.

Another type of table is called a highball. This one is used primarily for a standing area, and people tend to socialize around it, and use it as a place to put their drinks or small appetizer plates. Sometimes these tables have chairs, and sometimes they do not. Any chairs used would be taller, since these tables are usually standing height, or around four feet.

So, the types of tables that would go best with your cabin home are ones that have a simple look to them with minimal processing. Ones that have nature or wildlife incorporated into them, and ones that are made of natural wood. Some tables on the market today use outdoorsy things such as bark or animals to make them more in touch with nature. It is a clever marketing tactic too, as these items tend to sell more than their more ordinary counterparts.

Let’s not forget about multi-use tables, that double as storage. They are popular because they serve more than one purpose. And since a majority of cabins tend to be a bit on the smaller size, finding a table that doubles as storage is always a good thing.

Tables that are made of natural, raw wood make your cabin home more rustic and fit in with the surroundings. There are many companies that sell raw log furniture and tables because of its popularity and uniqueness. These items have minimal processing done to them and more closely resemble what's found in nature.

A lot of companies are making tables that incorporate animals and wildlife into their designs, like deer, elk, and fish. Using animals in furniture gives it a more whimsical look and personality. Another look uses pine trees and pine cones, and another style uses black bears. Having black bears on display in your home portrays them as being friendly, and not aggressive and dangerous like they are in real life. This theory and design style is very strange and ironic in nature, yet it's very popular in stores. People just can't pass up the "bear look" in their homes. There are tons of bear items on the market besides tables, such as mirrors, picture frames, artwork, bathroom and kitchen accessories, just to name a few.

The tables that I mentioned come in round, square or other shapes. Some of these tables are made in the USA, so be on the lookout for these items, as they support our economy. Some use both iron and wood together, which is an interesting mix, not to mention they are more sturdy and longer-lasting. So, look for some of these items online today, and add some character to your home.

Tana Lake is a designer who started at the young age of 3. She later attended the Seattle Art Institute for Interior Design. Her most recent accomplishment is her new website, [http://www.BestCabinDecor.com](http://www.bestcabindecor.com/), where she features Cabin Decor like Tables for your cabin, lodge, or country home.

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