Hiring a Snow Removal Company


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  • Published February 18, 2019
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Save yourself the time and pain of shoveling your own snow with help from a professional snow removal company. When hiring a professional snow removal company, you should consider looking for these things:

-Coverage: When looking for a professional snow removal company, you should make sure that they have insurance coverage. Insurance coverage ensures that if someone falls or gets injured in any other way while on your property, you will not be responsible. If you do not have insurance coverage, the snow removal company and yourself will both be reliable for the injury, and both insurances will be billed, which can result in an increase of insurance premiums for the following years.

-Estimates: It's important to schedule an onsite evaluation of your property for an estimate of what the services and charges will be. During the evaluation, its best if you ask any questions you might have during this estimate, so it can be written in form if you have special requirements.

-References: References are significant when looking for a reliable company. Ask your neighbors, family, friends, or other company profiles on who they use for their snow removal. Also, check online reviews of each company to see what experiences others have had with them. Both references and online reviews are great resources to ensure you pick the right snow removal company.

-Service and charges: Once, you receive the written estimate, you should have a definite idea of what service you will get and what charges will be made. This is a great resource to make sure that everything you asked to be removed, is written and that all other measures are met.

-Contracts: A reputable snow removing company should have a contract in place. You should review it thoroughly. If you are a business owner looking for snow removal, you should have it reviewed by an attorney to make sure that everything is in writing like all disclaimers, waivers, and all other fine print. If you find discrepancies or have questions, meet with the company to discuss any changes you will need, before the first removal.

To ensure your property is safe and in the right hands, be sure to find a company that can provide all of those items mentioned above like Terra Works Construction and Landscaping. At Terra Works, our employees put safety first with their high qualifications in snow removal. Please contact us at 801-299-1839 for more information!

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