Assessing Sound and Speaker Systems for Events


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  • Published February 18, 2019
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How can individuals determine what size of sound system or speaker system they will need for their event?

For any event, you must have the right sound equipment to pull off the best party of the century. In this article we are going to discuss what you need, what factors you should consider, and things you should ask the A/V rental company when you’re searching for audio for your event.

Wattage: Wattage means the unit of power. For audio, it is more for the output of the power-how much the power and energy the system needs in order to put into the air the right form of sound. It's important to know how the wattage is measured: when you double the wattage, you increase the amount of decibels by 3. So, if you pick a 500W system, don't think you are literally getting 10 times the sound of a 50W, it just requires 10 times as much power. The power of the unit allows the speakers to project sound further in not a distorted way. Wattage is a clean sound that covers more area.

Speaker Size: Speaker sizes are measured in inches. Smaller speakers are not best for putting out bass-heavy music. If you are looking for equipment for bass-heavy music, you should select larger speakers preferably 12"-15" in size.

How should the system be different for different types of events?

There is a difference in what sound system you get for the type of event you are hosting. If you are hosting a conference compared to a dance party, the sound system will vary. Here is what you will need for different types of events.

Indoor: For an indoor space, you want to consider a sound system that will not blur the guest's ears painfully. Luckily, indoor spaces are more accessible to get sound because the walls help keep it contained. It is recommended that for an indoor ceremony for 50-75 people, you should use a 50-100W system with 8"-10" speakers. For a bigger indoor ceremony that hosts 75-150 people, you should use a 200W -400W system with 10"-12" speakers. Keep going up in size and wattage for the amount of space coverage and guests invited.

Outdoor: Most weddings are outdoors, and with outdoor parties, it can be a bit more challenging. There are no walls to keep it contained. When you are outdoors, you have to increase the volume significantly. You will need a higher end piece of sound equipment to ensure you are not distorting the sound. It is recommended that for an outdoor party of 50-75 people to use a 100W -200W system with 10"-12" speakers. For an outdoor venue with 150-300 people, a 600W -800W system with 15" speakers.

For more information and questions on the right sound system, you should contact a reliable Audio Visual company to ensure you get the right equipment for your party! is your one stop shop for sound and speaker system rentals.

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