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  • Published February 18, 2019
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What are 5 mistakes to avoid when hiring a caterer for an event?

Organizing a party can be a challenging and daunting task. There are so many things that must be in place, in order for the party to be a success. The last thing you need to deal with are delays, mistakes, and unexpected problems. When it comes to hiring a caterer for your event, you should take note of these 5 mistakes mentioned below. After all, the food is the best and most memorable thing at the event.

Mistake #1: Not reading reviews- Check out all catering companies websites and social media platforms to see what others are saying about them. If you can not find current reviews, that may be a red flag. Most reputable catering companies should have reviews. Reviews are trustworthy and will describe how others felt about their service and presentation.

Mistake #2: Hiring a caterer with a poorly trained staff- Catering is a highly specialized trade that requires disciplined training. Staff members should be professionally trained in culinary skills to provide impeccable service. Most reputable caterers will have a team of employees that have the necessary knowledge and experience to oversee all the catering needs during your event.

Mistake #3: Not paying attention to your budget- When it comes to hosting an event, money is always a critical factor in every decision made, which is a good thing. You must be up-front with the catering company about your budget, so they can tell you exactly what you can get for that price.

Mistake #4: No written agreement- Never hire a catering business without getting actual documentation of the terms and policies. This agreement should display all the details of which you have settled upon and what to expect. And make sure it is a signed agreement, in case any legal actions might be made.

Mistake #5: Not being on the same page- This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the agreement, because the agreement will help to make everyone all be on the same page. Focus on catering companies that will put extra effort into helping you understand what is best for your type of event. Discuss with them your needs and wants and listen to them with an understanding ear. Together, you can create an event you will never forget.

If you do not make any of these mistakes listed above, you are on the right track of finding the right catering company for your event, and if you are located in Northern Utah, you should consider hiring Catering by Bryce, you will not be disappointed!

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