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  • Author Zac Jacobsen
  • Published February 18, 2019
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What are some upcoming trends for weddings in 2019?

As the warmer seasons approach, you can bet to see many wedding invitations going around. And with those wedding invites, you are bound to see new trends! 2019, will boost with more options and ideas to make each wedding stand out from the other. Here’s what you may see this wedding season.

-Darker color palettes: With each new year that passes, weddings are getting edgier. You may see moodier accents combined with blush decor, for an overall romantic feel

-Coral colors: It is said that the color of 2019 is coral. Don't be surprised if you see coral popping up on bridesmaid dresses, cakes, makeup, flowers, and more.

-A return to the classic: Edgy wedding decor is undoubtedly on the rise, but there are still plenty of couples that will return to the classic type of a wedding. This means the classic/elegant dinner, silver candlesticks, classy white wedding dresses, crystal dining ware, and pretty much just clean lines.

-Extravagant wedding cakes: Although their wedding may be clean lines, they might opt-in for an over-the-top wedding cake. You might see wedding cakes with metallic touches, personalized monograms, and an array of textures made from different icings.

-Royal wedding: The royal wedding in 2018, was one of the most significant events of the year. For this year's weddings, you will see a lot of imitated ideas of the royal wedding like larger-than-life floral installations, simple white dresses, etc.

-Three-piece suits: Men, listen up: the three-piece suit combo is making its way back. This style will look sharper than ever with flawlessly fitted and tailored designs.

-Eco-friendly: Each year there are more and more projects produced using eco-friendly elements. You may see cakes made of locally sourced ingredients, foam-free flower arrangements, etc.

-Vellum paper goods: Vellum is the almost-sheer paper that is placed over pictures and letters; you can expect to see more of it this year.

-Scented candles: Scented candles lately have been all the rage for home decor. They provide a scented and romantic ambiance to any space, so you will see many couples opting in for decorating their wedding with their favorite scents.

-Colorful confetti: Inside of the old-school rice thrown as the couple walks away, you can expect to see an array of different ways you can say "goodbye" to the new couple like letting balloons fly away, holding sparklers, etc. For this year, expect bigger and brighter like colorful confetti. T

Bottom line, the more you think outside the box, the better in 2019! will help you and your family have food for any event around.

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