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  • Published February 28, 2019
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What is the typical lifespan of a website (when should it be updated due to changing technologies, styles etc)? How often should companies plan on updating their online presence to stay relevant in the digital age?

Based on research, the typical lifespan of a website is around 2-5 years with an average of about 2.7 years. This average is based on a lot of different expectancy factors. Some factors are related to changes in your business and others are about changes to the web and consumers expectations. Those factors are based on these questions:

Has the central message of your business evolved? This is a critical question for you to ask yourself. If your message for your business has changed, your website needs to portray that new message to let your consumers know about the future of your brand.

Do you have good content management? The content on your website drives both organic and paid traffic. Having a good content management system will allow you to interlink your website with optimizing SEO. Your content management manages all the "behind the scenes" files such as email integrations. CMS is essential for an effective website.

Has your industry evolved? This is a given that if your industry has grown, your website needs to grow with it. It will showcase your new and improved company.

Is your site up to design trends? Nobody wants to buy from a company that is not up-to-date on their website, in fear that their products will not be up-to-date. If your website it modern and sleek, it will show that your products are also current, relevant, and on top of market trends.

Is your site mobile-friendly? Having a mobile-friendly website is necessary in today’s world. Because of the number of consumers who use mobile devices, Google has actually started rating websites using their mobile index. So, pretty much you need a mobile-friendly website or your overall website will not rank well.

Is your site ranking in Google? Google does do a lot of algorithm daily, but it's still a priority to rank good on Google in order to get your website out there. Many of the algorithms are determined by how your website functions. It must perform well and have a good presence for it to rank well.

The bottom line is that your website should be updated based on how well it is doing across a variety of metrics. If your website is struggling to produce results, then it is time to make a change. For more information on how to update your website, gain Google presence, and drive organic traffic contact i4 Solutions at 801-297-6400.

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