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  • Published March 22, 2019
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Within Western Australia there is a lot of space. But within Perth we are seeing an increase in the amount of people buying a decrease; a decrease in block size that is. Perth is seeing a rise in the amount of people purchasing, what is referred to, as a narrow lot. These are lots that are smaller and have narrower frontages. Sometimes even as narrow as 9m, therefore we see that Perth home builders are creating very functional and beautiful narrow lot home designs Perth.

When thinking narrow lot homes it can be easy to think that the home must be small, but with these incredible narrow lot designs Perth you can see how you can still live big on a narrow lot. Here is a few ways you can increase your narrow lot potential when designing your home.

  1. Use Glass – Large Glass windows, and large glass doors to the exterior will make the outside of your home come in. Flooding your home with natural light will bring a sense of space to what can often seem like tight spaces. Sitting in your lounge room or dining area looking out large windows (or doors) over your garden areas can bring a sense that your lot is bigger than it is.

  2. Make the indoors, outdoors and visa versa – When it comes to a narrow lot home you cannot just get a home design and slap it down. Good Perth home builders will design the home with the lot in mind the whole time. Every bit of space on that lot needs to be considered and used to its highest potential. So how do you make the indoors outdoors? Consider the living room and balcony. Maybe you use bi-fold doors so you can open up the space and make the living and balcony become one. Or if a pool was involved you could do the same and create the illusion of endless space.

  3. Think up – Obviously with a narrow block (possibly even 9m) you have some restrictions in how wide you can go for your house design. But instead of thinking width, why not think height. You can create more space by building up. Great Living Homes specialises in two storey narrow Lot homes. They have the smarts and technology to build two story narrow lot homes faster and cheaper than most builders. By building a two story home you have the ability to incorporate high ceilings and even high window openings to create the feeling of space. From the outside your house may seem smaller, but from the inside it will feel like a palace.

When thinking about narrow lot home designs Perth and perth home builders, think great living homes.

When thinking about narrow lot home designs Perth and Perth home builders, think great living homes.

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