5 Signs of a Good Electrical Contractor


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  • Published February 28, 2019
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When electricity first entered homes, its primary purpose was to provide lightbulbs with power. Today, we use electricity in our homes to cook, clean, work, communicate, relax and be entertained. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one, its electrical system should be optimized for your uses. Your best bet of making that happen is by hiring a great electrical contractor. Below are five signs of a great electrical contractor.

  1. They are what they say:

The terms electrical contractor and electrician may sound interchangeable, but there are critical differences between the two. Electrical contractors are also typically electricians, but electricians are not always electrical contractors. With that said, contractors design electrical systems to be effective, safe, and eco-friendly. They also perform installations and maintenance of electrical systems. On the other hand, electricians perform electrical work without doing any of the design; often they’re employed by electrical contractors.

  1. They are appropriately licensed and certified:

The route to becoming a licensed and certified electrical contractor isn’t an easy one. In addition to becoming a licensed electrician, electrical contractors receive additional and extensive training that makes them true professionals in their field. Great electrical contractors are always able to show a license on request, without any trouble or excuses to why they can’t. That license should be verifiable through each state’s Department of Labor.

  1. They are responsive and on time:

Few things are as frustrating as spending several hours at home for an electrical contractor to show up, and then they never do. Courteous electrical contractors keep their appointments and respond to phone calls promptly because they value their clients. That courtesy is usually coupled with professional knowledge and skills.

  1. They inform their clients:

Most homeowners don’t understand everything their electrical contractor says, and that’s okay; those that do understand probably don’t need their help. However, professional electrical contractors never do work on homes without explaining to the homeowner what they’re doing and the reasons why.

  1. They have an online presence:

With the nature of modern business, everyone requires a website. Great electrical contractors have professionally developed websites that are informative and easy to navigate. Additionally, portfolios of past work and reviews from former clients let future clients know what to expect. Finally, a website is a place for past, current, or prospective clients to contact an electrical contractor and get answers to their questions.

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