Tips for Mendhi Decor to Blow the Minds of Your Guests


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Asian weddings, especially an Indian marriage is known for its pomp and show. In fact, the mendhi ceremony is what kicks off the festivities. The bride-to-be and all the females in the house gather together for an extravagant, fun-filled noon or evening and adorn their hands with spectacular henna (mendhi) design patterns. This is one of the most important and exciting pre-wedding ceremonies in Indian weddings. Some families even conjoin the mendhi ceremony with the sangeet ceremony to turn it into a grand affair complete with music and dance. Needless to say, the mendhi decor plays a huge role in creating lasting memories.

Are you planning to get married? Need help designing the perfect mendhi ceremony? Below given are some tips that you can follow to make your guests go gaga.

The Mendhi Stage

The mendhi stage can be set up indoors or outdoors at your chosen venue. The stage decor can be traditional, modern or a fusion to showcase the best of both worlds. If you like old-school, classic decorations, you can choose a stage featuring colourful curtains, golden arches, huge sofas and vibrant flowers. To keep it classic, let the colours of your decor be a combination of red and golden. In recent years, all-white stage decorations are trending and the backdrop of white floral decorations can make everything look stunning, especially if the bride and bridesmaids are wearing bright colours like, yellow or red. You can check out more options by contacting decorators providing mendhi stages hire services. But, remember that the stage should be the centre of attention as you will be seated there and on your D-day, you would obviously want all the focus to be on you.

The Seating Arrangement

Mendhi is a time for letting loose and having fun. Make sure that the seating is relaxed and comfortable for your guests. You can have a combination of sofas and chairs. If you are hosting your event outdoors, you can have brightly coloured umbrellas or fairy lights to transport your guests to a magical dimension. You may even opt for temporary gazebos wrapped with brightly coloured flowers. For the mendhi stage, the seating can include chaise lounges or swings and decorated with a canopy of flowers.

The Table Decor

You must not try to do too much with the table decor and that might end up complicating things. The mendhi ceremony is about laughing, bonding and breaking the ice for the families of the bride and the groom. So, just keep it simple. You can make use of props like, decorative lanterns, votives or beautiful flower arrangements to impress your guests.

Outdoor and Indoor Fun

If you are planning to host a mendhi party outdoors, you can use kitschy decor elements and photo props to add drama to your festivities. You can also create a photo booth with the backdrop being cute printouts of pictures that your groom-to-be and you have clicked. You can also have props like, wigs and glitter hats by the table of the booth so that guests can help themselves. In case your mendhi ceremony is taking place indoors, you can have fun games like, making bangles or passing the pillow.

Whether inside or outside, you can liven up the party by adding some dancing and music. To make it competitive, create a team of bride V/s groom and let them fight it out.

Mendhi functions are unique and this is one ceremony that is the most engaging and exciting in all Indian marriages. You can discuss your specific requirements with decorators offering mendhi stages hire. Professionals can help set up the perfect stage and decor of your mendhi ceremonies that will simply wow your guests and make your pre-wedding ceremony the talk-of-the-town. You can choose your decor to be as traditional or as modern as you want. But, remember to enjoy and have fun.

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