Begin Your Path Into COASTAL DÉCOR With Little To No Budget!


  • Author Cindy Bowles
  • Published March 30, 2019
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Tired of your home’s look and seeking for something fresh and new, but with little to no budget to work with? Perhaps it is time to begin the journey down to the light, airy and natural, revitalizing style of coastal décor. I am on this path myself and have found 3 basic steps that helped to initiate my coastal décor journey.

In 2011, I found myself as a retired elementary school teacher, busy with new projects working as an author-illustrator of children’s books. After publishing the first two of my TWIN TAILS books, a middle-grade novel series about twin mermaid sisters and prepping for the third and last book of this delightful adventure series to be published, someone encouraged my interest in coastal décor. In studying this style of decor, I realized that this ol’ desert daughter of Arizona loves coastal décor and how perfect it is for a children’s author-illustrator of mermaid books!

Redecorating one’s home is no small feat, especially when that person is on a budget of zero or next-to-nothing! However, I have found some delightful blogs online that share great ideas in coastal and similar type décor, how to adapt these ideas as "do-it-yourself-projects" or take advantage of unique décor treasures that can be found at garage or yard sales, thrift stores, hand-me-downs or from other used product outlets. Many thanks to all these creative, blogging gals that have inspired me to begin formulating the transition of my own home, how to purchase and adapt items to create my own coastal décor to soothe the desert mermaid in me.

Here are the 3 basic, yet important ideas I want to share with you today to get you started:

1- RESEARCH! Before you go to garage, yard or estate sales shopping, checking out your local thrift stores, second-hand outlets or receive an offer of hand-me-downs from family & friends…be sure to have a good idea of the coastal design décor and color scheme you want to implement into your home! Take time to look at and read interior design magazines or go online and enjoy the multiple blogs and sites on coastal, country or other décor you are interested in. These are loaded with personal experiences and likes that may expand your vision and help you to see what you personally prefer. I did…and have just loved all the inspiration shared by these bloggers and learned so much about my personal tastes in comparison to theirs.

2- EXPLORE! When you go on your shopping trips to the garage and yard sales, thrift stores, etc…remember (or have photos or sketches handy) the types of things you are looking for, such as tables, chairs, shelving, chests, baskets, unique pieces of table or wall décor, frames, planters, and more! There are lots of hidden treasures to be discovered by the prepared, yet creative-innovative imagination and eye!

3- VISUALIZE! Take time to visualize each item as one that you may need to clean up, adjust, paint, stain or leave "as is" in your home décor. How does each item fit into your idea of your preferred home décor? My own color scheme is developing into blues of many hues with off-whites, beiges and other natural basket or wood tones for my front room, the target of my first coastal décor makeover! Some of my walls are already blue, which is a big help in this transition. If an item fits what you are looking for and is within your tiny budget or free, buy it or request the "free treasure" to come home with you and welcome it as a participating member of your coastal home décor!

If you don’t have a budget for much, like myself and so many others I know, remember to start small and do what you can to make your new décor adventure happen at a pace you can afford. Focus on the adventure in a re-do of your home decor and not the stress of making it happen all at once. Most of us are working on improving our home décor on a continual basis, sometimes seasonally, so you are not alone. We are all in this together…making our house, condo, apartment or wherever we live "a home of joy, peace and comfort."

Cindy Bowles is a retired teacher and the children’s book author-illustrator (CILLYart) of the TWIN TAILS Series, a middle-grade novel about twin mermaids and their mystical adventures in a human world. Cindy is also a passionate contributor of, using her creative, artistic eye to look for great coastal ideas and items to share with others.

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