How to Decorate Your Cabin to Impress your Guests


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  • Published April 22, 2019
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Have you ever been over to someone's house and noticed that they have absolutely no sense of style? Like they have ridiculously old, run-down furniture or absolutely no art on their walls, and it feels slightly uncomfortable to spend time there.  Maybe your could share some of these design tips with them, (or if it's YOU we're talking about, then you could apply these tips to your own home!)

My first design tip to use when trying to impress your guests is to clean your space. Simple but effective! Make it look like it was purposely cleaned before your guests arrived. Cleanliness goes a long way when trying to impress your guests. It's almost like you have mastered the art of adulting. Cleaning a space includes: putting away all items that don't actually belong or serve a purpose in that room, sweeping and/or mopping, tidying up the coffee or kitchen table, wiping off counter tops in the kitchen, dusting the TV and trinkets on shelves, and folding any throws and blankets in the living room, that you have available to your guests. And don't forget to clean the guest bathroom! That is the worst when someone visits your home and your bathroom is horribly dirty or smelly. They may never come back to visit you ever again.

My second tip is having furniture that has some style. That may include having furniture that comes in a matching set, or at the very least, having fairly new furniture, and in a color scheme that is soothing to the eye etc. I have furniture that has natural bark accents, and it's like bringing a piece of the great outdoors into your home. Anything made of natural wood is a good way to decorate your cabin or country home since it fits the style. You may even want to choose an actual theme so there's continuity throughout your space. Some cabin owners have a "Black Bear theme" or a "Western theme" which can be fun for guests. Or something more chic and modern like whitewashed wood throughout. Some people even have the traditional Buffalo Plaid (the red and black checkered material) accents throughout their home.

My third tip is creating a warm and inviting environment through the use of a lit fireplace, candles, lanterns, or other soft lighting. It is also nice to have either heaters or throw blankets available to your guests in case your cabin is hard to heat. Throw rugs are also helpful to decrease the chill in a room and on the floor.

Having artwork in your home is my fourth tip. That includes sculptures, trinkets on shelves, or wall art. When I buy art for my home, I like to choose pieces that catch my attention for one reason or another. If you don't have an eye for appealing art, you may want to choose items that seem unique or unusual to you or sentimental pieces such as your kids’ artwork put into nice frames. These pieces can be great conversation starters, especially if your guest is an art lover. If you are artistic yourself, you may even want to showcase your own artwork. And when your guests ask about the art, you can proudly say it is your own work.

My fifth tip is to offer your guest something to drink upon their arrival to your home. People are usually thirsty when they have traveled somewhere. And on the same note, you may want to point out where the restroom is and even leave the light on in that room, so they don't miss it. And to reiterate... having a clean bathroom is essential to having a welcoming home. It’s just as important as having nice furniture, or being hospitable.

I hope this article has helped give you some ideas on how to make your home more welcoming to guests. Feel free to go by my list, or make your own, and your guests will be sure to appreciate all the effort you went through to make them feel at home!

Tana Lake has loved art/design all of her life. She later attended the Seattle Art Institute for Interior Design. Her most recent accomplishment is her new website, [](, where she features cabin decor and lighting options for your cabin, lodge, or country home.

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Nidhi Kumari
Nidhi Kumari · 5 years ago
Hi, Decoration if work place is very important. It help to increase positive energy & staying with positive thought is very essential. Thanks for sharing this article.Keep writing.

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Prince Jha · 5 years ago
Very Nice article. Decoration of work place is as essential as decoration of home.

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