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  • Published May 13, 2019
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Air Canada is one of the largest airlines of Canada when it comes to fleet size as well as the passenger’s carried. It was way back in 1937 on 1st September that this brand was established and started serving people since then. Since their beginning, they have always made it clear with their crew members and staff people that they would always look forward and make things better for their organization. In accordance with a stats it is seen that Air Canada is named amongst the top 20 largest airline brands in the world. They have always worked in the betterment of the society and have always given people a lot of quality flying experience. Get your Air Canada flights now so that you get to enjoy all the sufficient things they provide. Air Canada is a name of comfort, trust, and reliability. According to the latest survey Air Canada has registered to carry 52 million passengers to more than 210 destinations they serve on an extensive flight map. And in this extensive route map they have always given a lot of services that is utmost beneficial. Together with its Star Alliance partner carriers, Air Canada provides service to 1300 airports in 193 countries.

To get cheap flight tickets you can use of these ways that would make your time go happily and you would save a lot of money on them.

• Newsletter

If you are not able to get in touch with the airline’s website regularly, then it might be a problematic thing for you. There are so many regular updates, deals and offers that you get to enjoy on the website. But all of this will be away from you if you don’t keep updated with what all is happening around you. To give you the edge, you can always keep in touch with the brand using their Newsletter. The newsletter is always updating on regular basis and you would get the updates straight to your emails.

• Miles and points

This is a program that you have to enroll in and once you are a member of this program; each time you fly there are some points that are credited to your account and each time you use them, either you get a discount on the airfare or get a free up gradation. The miles and points are helpful when you want to upgrade your travel class.

• Weekdays

Now this depends on the luck of the person booking their tickets. Weekdays are usually cheaper than the weekends. Most of the people choose to book tickets during the weekends because they are so much in the schedule. So when they get time during the weekend, they book tickets.

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