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  • Author Intisar Al Sabah
  • Published May 30, 2019
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A few decades ago, women were selective when it comes to jewelry. The jewelry was designed from different sizes, diverse types of charms which can reflect on the women’s figure and style. Nowadays, to this new generation, young women are more interested and attracted to jewelers that fits more to their personality. The impact on social media, letting women with easily accessible information to see the newest designs trending, unique ideas or the latest celebrity stylishness. The jewelry industry must adapt to the new changes in designing jewels, which varies from the selection in creating it by hand molds associate it with precious metals or charms to produce magnificent collections of necklaces, earrings, bracelets to compete with other trending Jewelry designs. When the jeweler imaginations create a one of a kind metals or charms and finds the right place on a woman's natural body figure changing its language to become more radiances, they get their due admiration, appreciations and creating positive feedback. When it comes in types of stones, its purity and quality are the most important attributes and the process of how it was mined, what country of origin and its rarity, it can set the overall prices and exclusivity. Therefore, Intisars jewelry have created a design that is timeless yet sophisticated for the modern women to wear on their daily basis with an impact of the engraved empowering words that can be a reminder for the woman, to feel magnificent in the tough times. Below picture shows the necklace and rings of "Me oh Me" collection.

The value of the jewelry is important for the women to know it's worth and the meaning behind it and the purpose of how it would affect her emotionally. It can be excellent for weddings, birthday gifts for the women to purchase for their close friends and family. Lots of jewelry companies can mimic the idea designs and setting it to a lower prices which can deceive the potential buyer, the potential might think it's the right way to buy jewelry for a cheap price but that’s not the case, it will lose its meaning and it won't last long because of its quality, by making an investment on intisars jewelry the grantee of its quality will last for longevity plus the pure significance behind it, that itself can create a more valuable piece which can be an exclusive addition to her jewelry collections. In all around the world, jewelry can be represented as a symbol of femininity, wealth and social status thus for the women to express their passion on the latest collection, in addition a one of a kind precious stones and its rarity, presenting it to their close’s friends and families. With Intisars jewelry, the woman can tell an inspiring story to those who are around her and giving them the influence to be moved emotionally and encouraging by the empowering words.

Trends rise and fall, somethings jewelry trend don’t fit all types of women from different culture background and style. Intisars jewelry is timeless, suitable for any occasion, fashion forward and it does not run out of style with its significance, it can be fit for every woman with different background in style.

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