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  • Author Ryan Cox-Bedsworth
  • Published May 30, 2019
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The Internet is a gold mine of information, opportunity, and consumerism. We've all heard stories about regular people making millions on the web, and the stories make it sound easy, quick, and free of investment or risk. Believe it or not, there are still people out there selling this idea to naive Internet newbies with the promise of quick riches and making a profit. It's not illegal to sell concepts and ideas wrapped in a little hyperbole.

The truth is quite different, but the fact that there is money to be made on the web indisputable. However, there are many obstacles and challenges to navigate during your journey to greatness such as:

Unpaid Hours

Investment Costs

Yes, you read that right! I know JV Zoo promised you millions without lifting a finger or putting on pants, but sadly you must invest time before that can happen. If you are already working a full-time job this can be difficult to balance and introduces newbies to the catch 22 of investing time and money. Some folks quit their jobs in order to invest time into their start up, only to realize their project is dead-in-the-water without funding.

Luckily for those on the "free" start up path, there are a few ways to navigate the $0.00's of your bank account. One of the Internets most valuable uses is its ability to provide solutions for just about anything, anywhere at any time. Here are a few simple, safe and legal life-hacks that will help you stay afloat and get business tools for free.

As a freelancer in web design and multimedia production, it's feast or famine. In times of famine, we still need access to software and services to maintain professionalism and keep the lights on. It's kind of hard to own a web-based business when you can't afford to even pay for hosting. As a web designer, It's important to be savvy on popular platforms in order to cater to client specifications, but purchasing a subscription to each one would leave me bankrupt. As a way around this, I've found that joining a partner and affiliate programs will often come with access to the company's service for free. Below are a few very useful programs that would normally cost money.

Shopify Partner Program: Free

Unlimited Trial Period + Premium Apps

Marketing tools, App Building, Theme Building resources.

Options to add employees and other admins

Earn money via an affiliate program

Go Daddy Pro Account: FREE

manage multiple client Word Press sites from one platform

discounts on Go Daddy products and services

network and advertise services

To manage time there are tons of valuable tricks. Below is a great resource for Internet marketers, designers, developers, commerce sites, bloggers, and more.

IDPLR.COM: Lifetime Subscription $99

Comes with lifetime WHM Hosting/Cpanel

200,000 PLR Articles

Plug ins






All available to use for business or personal use.

Always Search for web deals and ways to save with these keywords:


Affiliate programs

Partner programs

Beta testing programs

Lastly, don't be afraid to message site owners and make them offers in exchange for services you need. Stay out of the mindset that you are a consumer and need to pay consumer prices. If you are paying the same price to use web services as the customers you are selling them to, you will never get anywhere!

Ryan Christopher is an American writer, musician, multimedia producer from Oregon. You can find his work at:,

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