5 Reasons to Include Smart Irrigation with Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

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  • Published May 25, 2019
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When they think about their favourite garden ideas, many people focus purely on the plant selection, overall layout, and the specific features. However, a great deal of time should be spent on working out your irrigation system, which will be a crucial element underlying the whole garden. This is particularly true if you want a low maintenance lawn and a smart irrigation system would be a great way to keep your grass looking lush.

  1. Consider Smart Irrigation

An average homeowner could spend 70 hours maintaining their lawn and $690 per year on lawn care. That is a significant amount of time and money, so any steps that we can take to reduce those figures should be welcomed. This is where a smart irrigation Perth system can help, and you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your lawn.

  1. Lower Your Bills

A smart irrigation system can be far more efficient in how much water you use and how it’s used on your garden and lawn. This will cut down your water use and lower your water costs. The sensors in a smart reticulation system can sense if it’s raining and monitor the amount of moisture present in your soil. So, you can say goodbye to unnecessary watering in the middle of a rainstorm.

  1. Predicting Local Weather Conditions

The smart irrigation system will be able to take advantage of data gathered about local weather predictions for your area. We’ve already mentioned that it will turn off automatically when it rains, but it also goes beyond that. The system will actually reschedule any required watering based upon the amount of rain that fell. This fantastic feature will ensure that your lawn and garden isn’t watered twice and this is another way that your water bills will be lowered.

  1. Reducing Water Storage Requirements

Transporting and storing water in and around your property can be a real annoyance. This is particularly true if you have a larger garden and you can quickly become overwhelmed with hoses and nozzles. Keeping everything organised and tidy can become a part time job in itself, and anything that can reduce this workload should be welcomed with open arms. When you have a smart irrigation system, you use less water, and this means that you need to store less water. This can add up to significant saving throughout the year, and it could even lower your property taxes.

  1. Simpler Gardening

Many of us have a garden to enjoy during our spare time and/or as a little hobby because we like to see things grow. However, when you have a traditional watering setup, gardening can easily turn into a constant schedule of micro-managing boring tasks. Did you turn off the sprinklers accidently? Do you need to run out and turn the sprinklers off because it started raining? All of these little concerns really add up, and they can turn a pleasant pastime into an annoyance. A smart irrigation system can handle many of these tasks automatically allowing you to enjoy your garden again.

If they are looking for great landscaping ideas Perth, homeowners should contact us at Luke’s Landscaping for expert help.

If they are looking for great landscaping ideas Perth, homeowners should contact us at Luke’s Landscaping for expert help.

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