Could Aging Air Conditioning in Baldivis be Driving Up Your Energy Bills?

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  • Author Jeff Mouritz
  • Published June 2, 2019
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If you always seem to be arranging an air conditioning repair in Baldivis, this may be a sign that your AC system is on its way out. Many homeowners fear the sudden and final failure of their AC system, but in reality, this isn’t how an AC system fails. Usually, the homeowner gets plenty of notice as the frequency and seriousness of the repairs increases, and the energy bills start to increase. An old and failing AC system is extremely inefficient, they cost a lot to run and yet the performance isn’t good enough. Let’s take a closer look at how aging air conditioning could be costing you more money than necessary for a comfortable indoor temperature.

Using Dated Technology

Like many modern technological industries, the air conditioning industry advances at an extremely fast rate. There are consistent improvements in features, performance, and energy efficiency every year. An AC system purchased now is far more feature rich and energy efficient compared to a system that’s only a couple of years old. Many homeowners are still using AC systems that are far older than that. Heating and cooling experts recommend that a homeowner replaces their air conditioning every ten years. An AC system that’s over a decade old will be less effective at cooling, and it will use far more power than a modern equivalent of a similar size. This gap in efficiency could be costing the homeowner thousands of dollars on their energy bills each and every year.

Nursing Along Failing Technology

An air conditioning system has electrical, electronic and mechanical components. Some of these are moving parts, and they all have to work together in harmony. As parts begin to fail, they will affect other nearby parts, and this can lead to multiple component failures. Many homeowners will put off an AC system replacement to a later date to "save money." The opposite is actually true; delaying an AC system replacement will only cost more money in the medium to long term. These additional costs will be keenly felt in the form of increasingly expensive repair problems and higher energy bills. If you have an AC system that’s ten or fifteen years old, you may have a reduced energy efficiency of around 30%. In real terms, this means that you are paying a third more for the energy to run your AC system and the cooling performance is terrible.

A Clean Fresh Start

If you use a ducted AC system, you may want to think about replacing your ducts. Any ducts that were installed more than a decade may have extensive pinhole leaks that are leaking the treated air that you’ve already paid for in energy. In most cases, it makes better sense to replace dirty old ducts with fresh new models. This will also improve the air quality as there will be no deep accumulated deposits of dirt and dust carried throughout the home.

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