What Are Coach Holidays Really Like?

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  • Published June 10, 2019
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There’s a very good chance that the words ‘coach holidays’ call to mind a tired, old tour bus full of uncomfortable passengers. All packed in tight, the people you’re thinking of are also the kinds of people you take holidays to get away from. Really, your mental image of a coach holiday belongs to the 70s or 80s. What defines a coach holiday these days is a world away from the stuffy climate that characterised them in years gone by.

In fact, coach holidays have become one of the best ways to enjoy the very finest attractions that Britain and Europe have to offer. Thanks to advances in onboard technology and vehicle design, it’s possible to sit back in comfort and watch landscape after landscape unfold in front of you as you sit in total comfort. Surrounded by like-minded people and knowledgeable guides, you’re taken to all the best spots without ever having to trouble yourself with planning or arrangements.

Not too bad for a holiday you’d already dismissed in your head, right?

It’s not just the experience of travelling on a coach that has changed, either. Indeed, everything from the itineraries to the hotels that are visited along the way have undergone something of a minor revolution. For example, a quick browse of the latest tours on offer reveals that it’s possible to visit the Scottish Highlands, the Rhine, or the picturesque coasts of Croatia. Again, this will perhaps come as something of a surprise to anyone who hasn’t given coach tours proper consideration.

Open to absolutely everyone, there are providers who specialise in family holidays as well operators who offer their itineraries exclusively to seniors. There’s also a range of coach tours which have been carefully designed for solo travellers, too. Basically, there’s a tour out there for anyone and everyone.

You’ll also find various speciality holidays that are offered through coach tour operators. Take, for instance, the Oberammergau Passion Play that can be attended as part of a coach holiday. Performed in Germany at the end of every decade, this unique experience is no doubt best enjoyed when the organization and transport is left to some experts.

Similarly, there are coach tours which visit the Mercure George Washington Hotel in Newcastle. This remarkable hotel offers a ‘locally inspired experience’ which allows visitors to turn back time and get a sense of how life used to be in a bygone era.

Ultimately, coach holidays are one of the best kept secrets amongst travellers and there’s never been a better time to find an itinerary and escape in comfort. Whether you want to explore Britain, catch the sun in Europe, or simply enjoy something completely new and exciting, you’re sure to find it with a coach holiday.

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