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  • Published June 16, 2019
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Let's face it, not all kitchens are spacious enough to accommodate all the remodelling designs that we have in mind. However, the size should not be a hindrance for achieving a beautiful and functional kitchen. In fact, small kitchens can be as elegant and efficient as a big one. With a bit of creativity, turning your small kitchen into a uniquely designed and operational area is, indeed, achievable.

Contrary to popular belief, however, redesigning a kitchen should not be that costly. You don't have to spend an entire fortune to achieve a glamorous-looking kitchen space, regardless of its size. Moreover, if you are on a tight budget and you want to make the best out of what you have, there are creative kitchen design ideas that you can do to give your kitchen the boost it needs. Keep reading to check the ideas we have in store for you.

#1 Avoid Dark Colours

Although dark isn’t the first colour scheme which comes to mind when designing kitchens, using a dark colour palette could add a touch of sophistication to the space. However, it is also advisable to avoid using such colours if you have a small kitchen space, since dark colours could make the area feel tighter and smaller. If you want to create a friendlier and larger atmosphere in your kitchen, it is highly recommended to use light colours.

Furthermore, painting your kitchen walls with bright shades such as yellow, light blue, light green and orange can add more life to your entire kitchen area. Combined with proper lighting, achieving a good balance between your chosen colour combinations and the lighting in the room can make your kitchen environment more comfortable and pleasing to the eyes.

#2 Use Shiny Decorations

If you are concerned about how small your kitchen is, you can decorate the space with shiny designs such as a glass table to make the area appear more spacious and brighter. Thus, you don't need to change the overall layout of your kitchen in order to enhance the entire appearance of its size.

With the right sheen, you will be able to achieve a more prominent looking kitchen. Besides, you don't need to spend a lot of money to acquire some shiny kitchen decorations. As long as you have elegant yet affordable decors, you can definitely give a new creative spin to your kitchen's design.

#3 Use The Right-sized Furniture

Circling your small kitchen with large furniture will definitely not save you space. Thus, it is vital to scale your furniture based on the size of your kitchen. For instance, instead of using large tables and chairs, you can opt for smaller ones. Aside from the layout, floor space is also one of the most significant factors that you need to consider freeing up.

Having more walking space will make the functionality of your kitchen more convenient. Think of the space you need when walking around the kitchen carrying large pots and pans full of food. Also, pay close attention to the number of furniture that you already have. Even if the pieces are small and proportionate to your kitchen, having too much will drastically shrink your kitchen space. Hence, you need to be wise when it comes to placing pieces of furniture to avoid cramming your space.

In conclusion, developing a plan before remodelling your kitchen should be considered. At Custom Spaces, we can ensure your success in remodelling your space. We take pride in going above and beyond to ensure that our clients are all provided with a quality level of service through our top-notch craftsmanship. Feel free to visit our official website today at www.customspaces.com.au.

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