Top 5 Tips to Prevent Condensation in Double Glazed Windows

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  • Published June 20, 2019
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Do you face the problem of condensation in your windows? Nothing in this world is worse than getting condensation in the double glazed. Specially when you are living in the UK you are bounded to face such problems in your home because of the climate and the high humidity levels. With the change in the season like autumn season, people start facing the issue of the condensation. To remove such problem some tends to adopt wiping their windows, but it’s a waste if you don’t have any idea about how to do it properly. We have to give extra attention to such problems because such problems are not good for the health. The condensation leads to grow black mould in the window frame which in turn affects our health and leads to the breathing issues. Here I will discuss some of the points that will help you to prevent your windows from the condensation.

  1. Ventilation Should be Good

When you are about to do an old double glazed window repair around romford, you have to hire an installer who has the best experience and knowledge about the installation of the same. An experienced person knows how to install a window with good ventilation strategy. He will recognize on his own where you need ventilation and where your walls have too high moisture. They install the same in such a way that you will get the area ventilated in a controlled way. Adapting the same strategy would help you to remain free from condensation.

  1. Install Insulation in the External Walls

When you install the insulation in the external walls, it will automatically help your wall to prevent condensation by retaining heat in your walls and ultimately this will slow down your heat transfer. Now when the heat, warm or humid air hits the walls from the inside it will no longer turn out to create condensation because the temperature difference will be reduced. The main basic thing that needs to be taken care of is to minimize the thermal bridges as much as you can because where are gaps in the insulation, the condensation will definitely gather or collected and can cause problems.

  1. Open you Windows in Regular Intervals

Have you ever noticed the excessive humidity just after you take a hot shower? The bathroom gets steamy when you take a hot shower, you can either notice it in your kitchen when you generally cook different food items. The kitchen windows mist up when you cook something. Opening a window for merely 5 minutes will let the steam find a way to escape. This is the best way to keep the house airy with the doors closed and letting the heat loss from the indoor of your house. This will ultimately help you to stop the humid air entering the room and turning condensation there.

  1. Avoid Drying Clothes Inside Your Home

When you let the wet clothes dry in the warm room, this will turn out to be equal to condensation or evaporation. Avoid dry out your clothes inside, but if you really want to do it you can do it by using an airing cupboard. You can either empty a room or make that room a complete laundry drying room. Turn off the heating of that room and you can open a window by keeping the door close to ensure safety. It will help you in contributing to the long life of the windows and prevents them from the condensation.

  1. Maintain a Constant Temperature

The rate of the heat loss from your home is decreased ultimately when you use the insulation on the exteriors of your wall. This doesn’t mean that when you have a regular heating pattern, your home can run in a comfortable temperature and this will decrease the condensation. If you want to try it, you can do it by using the thermostat as this will help you set a specified temperature.

I am a professional writer and loves to explore every field. Here I am sharing my views about window repair in romford and different aspects that one should take care to avoid some of the climate causing problems. If you still need any help regarding double glazed window repair around romford, you can contact Park Lane Window Services.

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